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Sexual hygiene and health tips for gay men

By Utpal Gore Tuesday, September 4, 2018 - 13:14
Although anyone can practice anal and/or oral sex, for a lot of gay and bisexual men, that is predominantly the style. When done right, anal sex can be extremely pleasurable but at times it can be extremely messy too. Love Matters India suggests some tips on keeping the genitals and anus clean.

Wash your hands and toys

Keep your nails trimmed. Wash your hands when you are using the fingers for penetration or hand for fisting. Fisting is a sexual act when a first is entered into another person's anal cavity. Never fist or finger with a naked hand. Always use fresh gloves, preferably latex ones. They not only save everyone from infections but also smooth out rough surfaces such as fingernails, making the entire experience pleasurable for everyone involved.

If you use sex toys, make sure they are clean or sanitised. Do not forget to wash your hands and toys, before and after.

Douche but moderately

Douching is essentially a process where you clean the inner cavities of your body, be it your vagina or your anus. There are various kinds of douches available online, but the easiest one to use is the bulb douche - best if you're going to hook up in an hour or two. But beware, the inner membrane of the rectum is extremely sensitive and too much douching can also harm you.

Wipe off

During anal sex, there is always a fear that one might leave some fecal residue on the penis. It never hurts to keep a pack of baby wipes on your bedside table or in your bag and quickly clean the anal cavity from the outside. Not only does it reduce your stress of causing an 'accident' but also leaves it smelling fresh.

Glove up

Not wearing a condom puts you and your partner at a greater risk of contracting diseases. During anal sex, the person who is the receiving partner has a greater risk of contracting STIs & STDs.

Never wear two condoms on top on one another. It doesn't give you more protection, but it just increases the chances of the condom breaking. Similarly, always use a fresh condom for a fresh sexual act.


Wash your genitals every day with a mild soap or just cold water. For those who are uncircumcised, pull your foreskin back a little bit, give your penis head a thorough wash and always change your underwear after you've participated in any kind of sports or anything that involves sweat. This reduces your chance of getting an infection significantly. Pat-dry the genital and anal region thoroughly after each wash.

Trim it up

Apart from being extremely risky (if you aren't skilled) shaving body hair is one of the most time-consuming things on earth. It’s always better to trim your pubic hair rather than shave. Avoid keeping your pubic region very bushy, as it can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Oral hygiene

Oral sex can involve a lot of things - kissing, sucking, licking, rimming. In all of these cases, it is important to remember that one should wash their mouth before and after oral sex, especially after rimming which involves stimulating the asshole with your mouth. It's also important to keep in mind that the risk of transmitting infection increases if there are cuts and sores in your or your partner's mouth.

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*To protect the identity, names have been changed and the person/s in the picture is/are models.

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