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Sub dermal implants - All your doubts answered

In this article, we will answer all your questions and doubts regarding the new method of contraception called implants, also known as sub dermal or subcutaneous implants. So let’s get started.

Scared of ‘performing’ during sex?

Vicky was head over heels in love with his new wife, Isha. They had a beautiful relationship before marriage and dated for several months. However, there was a tiny cloud casting a shadow on their otherwise blissful days - Vicky could not get an erection during sex. Let’s find out in detail why it happened and what can be done!

How to measure your penis?

Many people are curious about the size of their penis and may wish to measure it. But what’s the right technique? Should you measure from top to bottom? What about the width? Do you have these questions in mind? And does size really matter? We have all the information right here for you.

Painful periods/unable to have sex – Could it be endometriosis?

Shradhha and Vikas walked into the infertility clinic after being married for eight years and unable to conceive. They told the doctor that having sex was so painful that they stopped trying for a baby after multiple unsuccessful attempts. Shraddha has informed the doctor that she has been having unbearably painful and heavy periods for many years. After conducting a few tests, the doctor found out that she was suffering from endometriosis.

How can I find a boyfriend?

Sana is a young girl who grew up watching romantic movies and serials on television. It’s her dream to have a boyfriend and be in a relationship. However, she is clueless about how to go about it. Should she search online? How to approach a boy? What if someone rejects her? What if she never finds any person? She has those doubts. If you are also in Sana’s shoes, this article is for you.

How to move to a relationship from friendship?

Pinky and Aman have been together for six months now. They are good friends in college. Aman has started developing romantic feelings for Pinky. He is confused about how to turn this friendship into a relationship. This article has some tips and tricks that will help Aman take the plunge.

What makes us happy?

For some, it’s food, for others it's exercise or a good book! Yes, we are talking about what makes us happy. Ever wondered what exactly happens inside our body when we feel good or happy? In this article, we talk about the hormones that help make us feel good, as well as other things you can do to feel happy!

How to know if someone is interested in a same-sex relationship?

Raghu likes Varun - a guy in his gym. Varun too smiles at him when they are working out and the two often share tips about healthy recipes, protein shakes and even crack jokes. Raghu is gay and he likes Varun in a romantic way but is not sure about him. It’s a tough situation to be in. However, there are a few things you can look for to help you determine if someone is interested in a same-sex relationship.

How to ask for sex in a new relationship?

Sanjana and Rajeev have been in a relationship for six months. She is physically attracted to Rajeev and has been longing to go beyond a kiss or a hug. However, she is not sure how Rajeev would react or if he is even ready for it. Is it too soon to have sex for them? What words should she use exactly? She has many such questions in mind. If you too are wondering the same, read on.

Saying no to a sexual act

Ritika and Karan were kissing passionately on their movie date when Karan started putting his hands in her jeans. She did not like it and tried to stop him. But he assumed that since they are kissing, she is physically ready for other acts of sex too. What should she do in this case? Let's read this article and find out:

How to say ‘no’?

Sahil is friends with Avantika - a girl in his class. They both joke with each other but Avantika now wants to be his girlfriend. Sahil likes her as a friend but has no other feelings for her. If he says no to her, he is afraid to lose a friend. How will he face her every day in class? Have you ever been in a similar situation? Love Matters has some good tips on saying no, at any stage of the relationship. Let’s begin.

How to convince parents about your relationship?

Rohan and Gauri are deeply in love and have been dating for over a year. They come from different family backgrounds and their parents are strongly opposed to their relationship due to their differing castes. They want to get married but not at the cost of making everyone in their family annoyed. What can they both do in this situation? Have you ever been in their shoes? Let’s read on.