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Millions of facts about sex and love exist out there. So what are the most important? We break down love, sex and relationships into easy bits of important information.

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Love on the go: Top tips from pros

While the idea of hooking up with a stranger in a foreign land may sound thrilling, it comes with a list of yays and nays. Love Matters India get the lowdown from experienced travellers.

Here is how to support your gay/lesbian friend

A person in your office or group has revealed he is gay or lesbian. Does it change everything about them and do you need to be careful? Yes and no. If you feel awkward or confused about how to talk, address or approach them, Love Matters is here to help you.

Top Facts: Puberty in Transgenders

Pimples on your face, the growth of breasts and body hair, the beginning of menstruation and masturbation. Yes, these are signs of puberty in most boys and girls. But how do transgender individuals experience puberty?

Pubic hair: Yay or nay?

Should you keep your pubic hair or trim them? Love Matters brings you all the knowledge to help you decide.

Dental dams - your partner in oral sex

Want to try oral sex on your partner but worried about hygiene or the funny tastes down there? Worry not, dental dams are here to help.

Sexually transmitted diseases: top five facts

STDs, or sexually transmitted diseases, can be a nasty side-effect of sex. It's easy to protect yourself from them though. And you should, because some are incurable or even fatal. Read all about STDs in this week's top five facts. 

Using contraceptives - common side effects

Birth control methods help to avoid unwanted pregnancies. But they can mess with your body too. Before you choose a new method, consider these side effects wisely.

Emergency contraception: top five facts

Emergency contraception? A night of passion, a slipped condom, and a rush to the pharmacy or clinic in search of a ‘morning-after pill’. There are many options you have, so don't panic – find out more in our top five facts.

Top facts: female condoms

Why should boys have all the fun or all the control! A new kind of birth control option is now available to women. Love Matters brings you the top facts on female condoms.

Low budget? Here’s how to keep your partner happy

Falling in love is romantic and guess what – often expensive too. However, if you are a smart Love Matters reader, we have some really good tips to keep your partner happy even with a tight purse!

Audio porn - everything you need to know

No hiding under blankets, juggling windows on your screen or sitting behind locked doors for the fear of being caught consuming porn. Love Matters brings you top facts on this new kind of porn. Get your headsets and tune in now.

Irregular periods: could it be PCOD?

Irregular periods, acne, weight gain, fertility problems – if all this is bothering you, ask your doctor if it is polycystic ovary disease/syndrome (PCOD/S). PCOD occurs when a woman’s hormones are out of balance.