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Millions of facts about sex and love exist out there. So what are the most important? We break down love, sex and relationships into easy bits of important information.

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He/she is 17 – Can we have sex if we both agree?

Teenage is an exciting phase. You’re transitioning into adulthood and coming into your own. Part of this growing up experience is the curiosity around sex. While some may still be stumbling upon the details of what, if, oh, ok.... while others may be ready to try things out. However, if you live in India and are not yet 18 or your partner is not yet 18, there are a few things you need to know.

Annilingus – Dos and Don’ts

Butt munching. Ass eating. Rimming. Known by many names, annilingus is an advanced act of sexual pleasuring that is definitely not for the squeamish and faint-hearted. But if you can get over your inhibitions, embrace your body and feel comfortable enough with a partner to let them go down on your A-hole, you can truly discover new levels of carnal pleasure.

What is an ectopic pregnancy?

An ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy in which an embryo/fertilised egg grows in a location other than the inner lining of the uterus. Such a pregnancy is complicated if left unattended and can prove fatal.

‘I am her partner, not customer’

Increasingly, sex workers are urging customers to use condoms. But do their partners, or pyarwallas as they are known, do the same? Aastha Parivaar spoke to pyarwallas to understand the use of condoms among pyarwallas as well as their relationships with sex workers.

Sex within the family – Points to consider

Sex with a family member - At Love Matters, we receive many questions on this topic on our Discussion Board. So let’s talk about it.

Healthy sex life: Five things you must do

Talking about safe and healthy sex with your partner can be a bit ‘awkward and unromantic’. But what if we tell you, it can actually make your sex life better! Couples that are aware about healthy sex practices trust each other more and can have more fun in the bedroom! Seema Sayyed shares valuable tips on healthy sex practices.

Have you tried a home-made sex toy?

The idea of buying a sex toy sounds awesome but let’s accept one fact - they can be a wee bit expensive! What if we tell you that you all have some things at home that can be used as sex toys! Don’t believe us? Let’s tell you where to look!

Crossdressing: Top facts

‘She is a tomboy. Always dresses up like a man'. ‘Long hair, nail paints and a nose ring on a man?’ Why do people of one gender like to dress up in clothes that are socially not deemed fit for their gender. This is called crossdressing. Let’s find out more about it!

Before you say - ‘I love you’

I love you. Three simple little words. A million ways to mess them up. No wonder, carrying them around in your head and the build-up to saying them out loud can fill you up with crippling fear. So what can you do ( or should not do) before you say these three words to someone. Read on.

Going for an abortion? Read this first

Feeling scared and wondering what to expect when you terminate your pregnancy or have an abortion? Love Matters spoke to gynaecologists to tell you all the essentials before you or a loved one decide to go for a medical abortion.

‘Doctors don’t handle unmarried women well’

If you had to go for an abortion tomorrow, what would be the few things that would come to your mind? Love Matters India asked this question to young people from across India. Here's what they said...

Abortion: top five facts

Abortion - much has been said about whether or not women should have the right to decide to abort a foetus. A lot will depend on your religious or personal beliefs and its legality in your country. Read more on abortions in our top five facts.