Thinking about Marriage

In the excitement of being in love it can be hard to think straight and make sensible choices. If you’re having trouble deciding if it’s right to tie the knot, this section gives you things to think about and discuss.


Reasons for Marriage

We’ve all heard the phrase “Marriages are made in heaven” (sometimes followed up by the cheeky comment, “…to be busted on earth”). In a lot of cultures across the world, people see marriage as a spiritual union between two people.

Are you planning a wedding?

Planning a wedding can be extremely exciting – it’s like living a dream. Nice clothes, shopping, family, friends all make for a heady mix. It can be easy to forget how serious weddings are. Are you in it for the right reason?

Arranged Marriage

There’s not one single formula for arranged marriages. It all depends on your family background. In some cultures, parents, relatives or a matchmaker find a match for the boy and girl once they reach a marriageable age.

Going for a love marriage? Read this first!

In cultures where love marriages are a norm, one of the lovers usually proposes the marriage and the other accepts or rejects the proposal. Some people put in a lot of thought and effort into planning and scheduling their proposals, whereas others do it spontaneously.