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Mumma’s boy: Not for me!

Two mummies keep fighting while their children like each other bachpan se. The story of Jai Mummy Di is somewhat like this. This romantic comedy has no romance and no comedy. 

Jai Mummy di ne humaari jai kar di,

Hansi aate aate ruk gayi,

Picture funny hote hote nahi ho paayi,  

Aur agar short mein bole toh...

This romantic comedy has no romance and no comedy. 

So what happens when two mummies keep fighting while their children like each other bachpan se: weekend fights in front of the mummies and secret making out sessions in school/college during weekdays. 

This couple, Saanjh Bhalla (Sonnalli Seygall) and Puneet Khanna (Sunny Singh) enjoys their secret romance and sex-life until humari soni kudi reaches the Indian marriage-able age (final year of college - a bit too early, if you ask us!) 

Saanjh’s family is talking marriage and apna sona munda Puneet panics. Though he doesn’t have any problem with the love-making, the minute the girl says the word “shaadi”, band baj jaati hai. The guy is sweet when he wants sex but also mummy’s boy and only marry the girl his mom approves! An LM dislike for this!

The heroine is a modern kanya from Delhi in almost all aspects except when it comes to shaadi! But she does what all practical girls should do: move on.

Arranged marriage chakkars start and Saanjh’s wedding date is fixed. Puneet’s competitive mom now wants his marriage fixed for the same day (of course, to a different girl). 

What should follow is a comedy with lots of chasing by the guy as he realizes that he needs to fight for the love of his life. Instead what follows is a khichdi, a tasteless one at that. 

Mummies kept us entertained but only for a little while. The couple ka romance was bilkul thanda, even the smooches did not heat up the screen or this LM-er’s heart. 

We should be happy that they discussed sex at times and were frank with regard to how sex happens between healthy partners (married or unmarried) but thoda love with sex dikhaate toh we would have been satisfied. 

To end, here is the LM focus to complete this review:


Sach toh yeh hai that this LM reviewer had to use a microscope to come up with this one point – The girl proposes to the guy and that too over a loudspeaker at a college party to mark the end of their college days. This is path-breaking if one considers that traditionally guys are the ones to propose. But the problem is she was also doing it (like all forceful guys in films and real life do) to push the guy into a corner. Kab samjheinge yeh log ki pushing someone to says yes, when they aren’t ready is not the way to go, chahe who ladka kare ya ladki. Love is the way to go, bacha, not emotional or physical force!


Some conventional thoughts really had LM eyes rolls. I mean are aaj ki ladki who is still in college (albeit the final year) still so bothered with marriage? Why are all heroes showcased in Bollywood so averse to it? Itna stereotyping acha nahi… duniya badal rahi hai and today some guys really want to get married and the girls don’t! Go, I'll give you an LM-face-palm-emoji! 

Our rating: We give this movie 1 LM heart for atleast talking about sex and 3 LM monsters for its romance-less comedy! 

In Love Matters Movie Reviews, movies are for analysed for how they have portrayed Love, Sex and Relationships. The movie that shows LM-style romance will get LM Hearts! And the film that loses sight of consent, judgment or rights, it will meet the LM Monster!

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