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We were caught almost nude!

Making Love
Sia and Tarun waited for more than five hours to get together at his home and make love but just when they had undressed, someone entered the room. Who was it? What happened next? Read the story to find out!

'Don't go to the women's toilet'

Sexual Diversity
What's it like to be on the receiving end of all the hatred when you embrace your sexuality? Love Matters asked five young LGTB people. They told us stories of jibes, violence, rejection – even attempted murder.

When rain washed away our special plan!

Love and relationships
Monoson and romance – don’t they always go together? Renu tells Love Matters India how rain had almost spoilt the special day she had planned for Sharad. But our Sharad is no less than Shahrukh Khan! Read on to find how he won Renu’s heart that wet evening in Lucknow’s Hazratganj.

Career today, love tomorrow? Not quite how it works!

Love and relationships
Hum ladkiyon ko, love, life and career sab chahiye aur abhi chahiye! Not one over another! Bas ji, this comment from the young woman sitting next to me at the cinema hall sums up Love Aaj Kal 2. And apne Imtiaz Sir seems to have missed the point big time!

Street Dancer 3 D- Full on dance, but low on romance!

Love and relationships
When a film opens with a 6-pack chest, we know that we are in for some sexy bodies. And we are NOT disappointed. Thumkas ki gallery mein aapka welcome hai ji!

Mumma’s boy: Not for me!

Two mummies keep fighting while their children like each other bachpan se. The story of Jai Mummy Di is somewhat like this. This romantic comedy has no romance and no comedy. 

'He has changed my face...not my heart!'

Love and relationships
When a film opens with December 2012 (Delhi bus rape ) protests and slogans like ‘nyay do, phansi do’, we know we are not in for an easy watch.

Chulbul-Rajjo’s romance rock but Dabangg 3 not that dabang

Love and relationships
If you love Sallu bhaiya then you will not want to miss this! For others: Dabangg ab utni dabangg nahi rahi, par agar entertainment with some good messages dekhne ka mann ho, then why not?

'Thank you stranger for a happy start to Diwali'

Love and relationships
Are you rushing home for Diwali soon? Here’s a story for you then. And even if you aren’t, this sweet tale of a mad Diwali journey back home will get you into the spirit!

Her reaction when she found out I am bald

Breaking up
I have always been slightly touchy about my hair – or rather the lack of it. As a young teenager, when kids would call me names, I generally found it amusing.

Most couples must've done everything, we were just kissing!

Making Love
Samar was quite excited to go to his honeymoon with Mira after however, it turned out to be quite a disaster. He tells Love Matters India how things finally changed for him and Nancy.

Bura na mano... what’s your Holi story?

Love and relationships
Holi, the festival of colours, is known for arousing a variety of emotions. For some, it is akin to the first touch of a loved one but for others, it is only a painful reminder of a harassment experience. Love Matters India asked some women to share their Holi memories.