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Chulbul-Rajjo’s romance rock but Dabangg 3 not that dabang

By Roli Mahajan Wednesday, January 8, 2020 - 16:36
If you love Sallu bhaiya then you will not want to miss this! For others: Dabangg ab utni dabangg nahi rahi, par agar entertainment with some good messages dekhne ka mann ho, then why not?

Our favourite small town cop Chulbul Robinhood Pandey is back!

Welcome to the world of Chulbul Robinhood Pandey, who spends his days romancing his wife Rajjo, troubling his younger brother, trying to do good deeds and sudharoing gundas

The film begins with Chulbul using the classic Alladin-ke-chiraag-se-nikala-genie style entry to fight the wedding-robbers gang, which has gatecrashed an expensive wedding.

Then what follows are some fun fight sequences and our favourite track: Dabangg, Dabangg, Dabangg. Robinhood Pandey’s heroine, Rajjo-ji now makes an entry by making a statement about the need to save water.

The film has some fun romantic scenes, especially between Chulbul and Rajjo ji. Their  romantic sequence begins with Chulbul shaving in the black t-shirt, all the while eyeing his wife (LM Sigh!). 

Now who doesn’t like being loved or watching cute married couples being in love? Romance is essential, irrespective of our age or shaadi status, yeh humne keh diya so keh diya. An LM Swoon for you, sugar sweet couple!

Oh and the best part, the husband doesn’t hesitate to help prepare clothes for his wife, even if it is in a fit of jealousy. And beta toh beta, papa koi less nahi hain! Chulbul's Daddyji, who is eyeing his son getting all romantic early in the morning and that too in the garden, tries to tell him off, ‘Inspector Chulbul is now helping his wife prepare her petticoat’, only to be told, ‘Papa, I have watched you wash mummy’s petticoats for years’, Ha!

Some jokes fall flat and some are worth a smile but for a Chulbul-style samaaj-sudhaar, LM-ers are happy to sit through anything. Now the film moves from romance to action. A damsel in distress asks Makkhi, Chulbul’s younger brother, for help. She wants him to help save girls from a prostitution racket. 

Makkhi, with the courage of a fly, of course, needs bade bhaiya Chulbul’s help. Chulbul saves the day while Makkhi comes in later to roar. The busting of this prostitution racket angers the ringleader and this ringleader is connected to Chulbul’s past. 

We can’t tell you the rest, afterall kuch toh suspense is needed. But what we will say is that there is a lot of flashback, this helps us understand how Chulbul bhaiya became who he is today, ASP Chulbul Robinhood Panday.

The film has about three samaaj uddhaar messages within the first 15 minutes and that too given with no subtlety: samuhik vivah of widows and widowers (we support! Just for this one, we gift another LM swoon to you, Chulbulji), save water and avert World War III and tobacco is harmful. This sets a pattern and the film delivers by sharing public service messages every now and then in Chulbul-Pandey style.

Now time to focus LM lens on 1 thing we loved and 1 thing we hated:

The lady who calls the villain ringleader is evil but Chulbul bhaiya slapping her twice is not done. We know, you will say if someone’s doing something wrong, you may end up giving them one or two! But we Love Matter walas prefer love over violence, so Chulbul sir this is not done! You could have gotten the girls who were wronged to take some action but you using violence against a woman… ishhh!


The young Chulbul bhaiya says he will opt for dahej. Oye, don’t get the wrong idea and listen to Chulbul well. He knows that the girl he wants to marry wants to study medicine. She will need money for it, so he is ready to fund it and wants to help by paying her dahej! For this alone, Chulbulji aap lajawaab hain!

As for the ratings: Dabangg 3 gets 3 hearts for its comedy and romance. The machoism in the film, sometimes we don’t quite like, so 3 LM monsters also need to be sent in a Dabangg way.

In Love Matters Movie Reviews, movies are for analysed for how they have portrayed Love, Sex and Relationships. The movie that shows LM-style romance will get LM Hearts! And the film that loses sight of consent, judgment or rights, it will meet the LM Monster! 

What do you give Dabangg 3- Hearts or Monster?

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