Making Love

Making love, or having sex, can mean different things to different people. It can mean a man putting his penis in a woman’s vagina, or other things, such as masturbating your partner, oral sex, or anal sex. There are many ways to have sexual pleasure.


The hymen: what is it?

All over the world people have different ideas and opinions about virginity and the hymen. They vary a lot depending on the country, culture or religion.

Keep Talking - Why it’s Important

Now that you’re settled with your partner, it might be time to start talking more openly about what you like or dislike in the bedroom. We all want to have a happy and pleasurable sex life and talking about it will help make it happen. But where to start?

Sex without penetration

There’s more to sex than penetration! Here are some fun ways to spice up your sex life and keep it safe. These tips are also a great way to make love if you’re HIV positive too!

First time sex

When people talk about the ‘first time’, they usually mean the first time you have full intercourse. And that’s what people mean by ‘losing your virginity’.

How to work towards a better sex life

Whether you’ve been with someone a long time or are just hooking up, it’s good to be able to talk about sex. At some point, we all want to try new things or get a little bored with the same routine. So start the conversation. Even small changes can result in huge pleasures!

Speak up!

Whether your relationship casual or serious, it can always be difficult to bring up the topic of making love, especially when it comes to the when and the how.

Online sex

Apart from looking at pictures of sex on the internet, you can also have sex online. Well, not actually with the other person, but you can have erotic conversations, look at each other on a webcam, or masturbate.

Talking about sex

However long or short we’ve been in a relationship, we often find it difficult to talk about sex – and the things we like and dislike in the bedroom. We love to make love, but don’t like talking about it!

Men masturbating

Many men masturbate. When you masturbate, you hold the penis in your hand or between your fingers and stroke it up and down. You can do this until you have an orgasm. When this happens, you ejaculate semen out of your penis.


When you masturbate, you touch and caress yourself to give yourself sexual pleasure. Often you do this until you're fully aroused and have an orgasm.

How to kiss

Kissing is usually the first thing you do when you fall in love. But how do you start? And when are you doing it right?

Anal sex

Many people enjoy anal sex. Others are ashamed of it or think it’s dirty. Anal sex is often a taboo.

His orgasms

When a man gets really turned on, he can have an orgasm – in other words, he can come, or climax.

Her orgasms

When a woman has an orgasm, or climax, the muscles of the pelvic floor, around the vagina and anus, squeeze together rhythmically, tensing and relaxing.


Pornography is pictures or videos of sex which are designed to turn you on.