Sex & Disability

Society often ignores people with disabilities, especially when it comes to sex. Yet, they have desires just like everyone else. There are many different forms of disabilities, and it may be more challenging to have sex for some than for others.


Finding a partner

Finding a partner and falling in love is scary, complicated, wonderful experience. We all want to find love – but is it harder for people with a disability?

Asserting yourself

Unfortunately, people living with disabilities are more at risk of getting abused.

Sex life

Everyone, regardless of disability, can enjoy a great sex life. Sex is much more than intercourse. If you’re having cybersex, for example, all you need is your imagination and a phone or computer.

Masturbation and sex

Almost everyone masturbates – it’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s just part of being a sexual person.

Feeling good about yourself

Society and the media often ignore people with disabilities – especially when it comes to sex. But people with disabilities fall in love and have sex lives.