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How to use condoms

Wondering how to use condoms? Here's a quick guide to putting on male and female condoms.

How to increase your sperm count

Is there any way to increase your sperm count? Love Matters brings you some simple yet effective remedies you can try to improve your sperm count without medical intervention!

What is Copper T?

The Copper-T or Copper IUD, which is often sold under the name 'Multiload' is a non-hormonal birth control device that sits in your uterus or womb. It’s a t-shaped piece of plastic wrapped with a coil of copper-wire. That's why some people call it the 'coil'.

What are condoms?

A condom is a rubber sheath that fits over the penis to stop sperm from getting into the vagina. It helps prevent spread of sexually transmitted diseases while having sex and also prevents pregnancy.

Ovulation calendar - how to calculate ovulation 

If you have sex with a man around the time of ovulation, you can get pregnant. If you want to avoid a pregnancy, don’t have unprotected intercourse around the time of ovulation.

What are miscarriage symptoms?

Miscarriage symptoms can vary, depending on which stage of pregnancy you are. For some women, it happens so quickly that they do not even come to know they were pregnant before they miscarry.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy in first week?

Even before you miss your periods, you may sometimes get some early signs of pregnancy. But many early signs of pregnancy can sometimes feel similar to premenstrual symptoms too.

How to have sex with a woman?

Intercourse – to put it bluntly, fucking or screwing – is when a man puts his erect penis inside a woman’s vagina. And the woman takes the penis into her vagina.

How to have sex with a man?

Intercourse – to put it bluntly, fucking or screwing – is when you take a man's erect penis into your vagina. This article gives you step-by-step guidance on how to have sex with a man ( if you are a girl).

Had sex without condom, what to do now?

You’ve had sex (intercourse) without using contraception, even though you don’t want to be pregnant. Or you think something could have gone wrong with your contraception – perhaps you forgot to take your pill, or a condom burst. What can you do?

Does Unwanted 72 or IPill delay your periods?

If your periods are delayed for more than three weeks after taking the emergency contraceptive pill like Unwanted 72 or Ipill, you should take a pregnancy test at home.

DMPA/Antara - Contraceptive injection in India

The contraceptive injection, also known as Antara (DMPA) in India, is a shot that prevents pregnancy. The injection contains hormones (progestin or progestin- estrogen together) that prevent your body from releasing eggs and thicken the mucus at the cervix.