Marriage is the formal or legal union of two people. Usually when two people get married, they celebrate the occasion with a wedding ceremony. However to maintain a marriage over time, it takes work. Learn more about life post the wedding in this section.


Reasons for Marriage

We’ve all heard the phrase “Marriages are made in heaven” (sometimes followed up by the cheeky comment, “…to be busted on earth”). In a lot of cultures across the world, people see marriage as a spiritual union between two people.

Sex in married life

As the years pass by in your marriage, your sex life can get monotonous. Sex might seem like a routine. Believe it or not, sex can just get plain boring!

Starting a family

For a lot of us, having children and starting a family is the next logical step after getting married. You might soon start dreaming about making babies and having a great life together as a family.

Are you planning a wedding?

Planning a wedding can be extremely exciting – it’s like living a dream. Nice clothes, shopping, family, friends all make for a heady mix. It can be easy to forget how serious weddings are. Are you in it for the right reason?

Arranged Marriage

There’s not one single formula for arranged marriages. It all depends on your family background. In some cultures, parents, relatives or a matchmaker find a match for the boy and girl once they reach a marriageable age.

Are you thinking about divorce? Read this first

Just a mention of the ‘D’ word might send shivers down your spine. It’s a scary prospect. After all, you promised that you would stay with each other for better or worse. Many of us with dysfunctional marriages still shudder at the thought of divorce.


Marriages don’t always have a smooth journey. Sometimes they go haywire. Every marriage has its own set of problems, which can arise from a wide range of issues.