Our Donors, Partners and Supporters

Set up in 2011, with support of RNW Media, Love Matters India has been supported by some of the biggest SRHR, family planning and gender rights donors over the past decade. These include The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Ideas 42 and Amplify Change.

Our Donors


The support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation enables Love Matters India to create thought provoking material across different medium so we are able to have meaningful conversations with young boys and men on addressing cultural and social norms, including masculinity that has significant impact on family planning indicators and lives of women and girls too. This work aligns directly with Foundation’s work on Family Planning, which is working to bring access to information, services, and supplies to women and girls without coercion or discrimination in India.


The David and Lucile Packard Foundation

Supported by The David and Lucile Packard Foundation - India, Love Matters India works to normalize CSE using content across a variety of platforms for both online and offline audience of young people. The aim of the project is to reach young people on an even wider scale – allowing them to freely and openly interact in a safe environment on their SRHR issues and to do away with the most disturbing myths and repressive norms that stop them from enjoying healthy, consensual and satisfying sexual relationships.

The project contributes to a long-term vision in which young female and male adults, also in rural areas, would no longer be uninformed about pressing intimate questions, and be better informed to make their own choice and have a positive outlook on their SRHR.




Under the AmplifyChange programme (2016-2019), Love Matters ran a three year programme called Reach, Evidence and Action that used research, media, popular culture, campaigns and thought provoking content to advocate for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of young people, focusing especially on LGBT community.



Under Ideas42 grant, Love Matters ran an 18-month campaign(2017-2018) against Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) to increase knowledge of controlling behaviors, shift attitudes, and change anticipated behaviors. Under the campaign, we created videos and content on IPV and also ran an online sentiment analysis using a meme generator and gallery dealing with controlling behaviors and a thematic discussion board. 



Our Partners

RNW Media: Love Matters was established in India in 2011, in collaboration with RNW Media. RNW Media is an international organization based in the Netherlands that builds digital communities for social reform and change. Presently, the RNW media is running its programs in about 13 countries where they work on people's love, relationship and sex related needs. 


TARSHI (Talking About Reproductive and Sexual Health Issues) TARSHI is a registered NGO based in New Delhi and works towards expanding sexual and reproductive choices in people’s lives in an effort to enable them to enjoy freedom from fear, infection and reproductive and sexual health problems.

TARSHI’s work on sexuality is from an affirmative and rights based perspective, a fresh change from perspectives that often restrict sexuality within a disease prevention, violence against women, or sexual minorities framework.


Family Planning Association, India

Family Planning Association of India (FPA India) is a social impact organisation delivering essential health services focusing on sexual and reproductive health in 18 states of India. Established in 1949, FPA India has seven decades of experience in the field of sexual and reproductive health.



Founded in 2000, CREA is a feminist human rights organisation based in New Delhi, India. It is one of the few international women's rights organisations based in the global South, led by Southern feminists, which works at the grassroots, national, regional, and international levels.


Breakthrough India is an organisation working to create a cultural shift and make discrimination and violence against girls and women unacceptable.


The YP Foundation

The YP Foundation is a youth run and led organisation that supports and develops youth leadership to advance rights of young women, girls and other marginalised youth.


Youth Ki Awaaz

Youth Ki Awaaz is It is an online platform where young Indians speak up, spread awareness and take action on issues that matter. Over 75000 young people are writing their stories, opinions and perspectives on some of the toughest issues shaping our world on their website.


The Humsafar Trust

The Humsafar Trust  is an NGO in Mumbai which promotes LGBT rights. Founded by Ashok Row Kavi in 1994, it is one of the largest and most active of such organisations in India. It provides counselling, advocacy and healthcare to LGBT communities and has helped reduce violence, discrimination and stigma against them.



Durex is a British condoms brand, originally developed and produced in the United Kingdom by SSL International. SSL International was sold to the company Reckitt Benckiser in 2010. It is one of the best-selling condom brands across the world, with 30% of the global market.



Founded in 2015, Haiyya has a vision to rebuild and transform the social fabric of India, where young leaders and their organisations are building grassroots citizen power to strengthen democracy, governance and human rights.



DrSafeHands has a team of experts to help people in addressing the most intimate and personal health issues be it , sexual health , reproductive health , relationship issues, fertility related problems, cancers like cervical or breast cancer and so on. 


Sahiyo is a non-governmental organization founded in 2015 whose purpose is to advocate women rights and end the practice of female genital mutilation, principally among the Ddawoodi Bohra community in India


World Association For Sexual Health (WAS)

The World Association for Sexual Health is an international umbrella organization representing sexological societies and sexologists worldwide. Founded in 1978 in Rome, Italy, the WAS main goal is to promote sexual health for all through sexological science


Population Foundation of India

Population Foundation of India (PFI) is a national NGO, which promotes and advocates for the effective formulation and implementation of gender sensitive population, health and development strategies and policies. PFI addresses population issues within the larger discourse of empowering women and men, so that they are able to make informed decisions related to their fertility, health and well-being.



SHEROES is a women's community platform, offering support, resources, opportunities and interactions via Sheroes.com and the SHEROES App.



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