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Was I too eager to have sex?

‘We were struggling to even breathe as our lips and tongues thrust into one another. Our hands were all over each other enjoying every bit of it. I was in a trance. I didn’t want this feeling to end. But then I just couldn’t continue’, Astha recalls her first sexual experience. What got 17-year-old Aastha to question her readiness for sex? Let’s find out.

First time sex not so good - what next?

Mahi and Ajay’s first time sex experience did not go too well. They had great expectations from it and now they both don’t know what to do? Sounds like your story? Worry not, we have some awesome tips on what to do after a round of not so pleasant sex!

‘Don’t listen to me, just do it!’

Jyoti wanted to have sex at the dawn of 2021. It was her first time. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to do it. Yet she asked Rishab to carry on. Why? Jyoti shared her New Year experience with Love Matter India.

He told me I was cute and then kissed me!

When Manav proposed to Akshay on the last day of school, he rejected outright. However, little did he know the real reason for the rejection. What happened next? Manav shared his story with Love Matters India.

When I first kissed a woman

When Palak moved in with Roohi as her roommate, she really liked her a lot. One day Roohi asked her if she had ever kissed a woman. Want to know what happened next? Read their story below.

When I lost my desire for oral sex!

When Mayank was about to go down on Pallavi, something strange happened that put Mayank off oral sex. He shares his story and dilemma with Love Matters India.

My first kiss - Where was the magic!

Rajat had never kissed a girl before and he really looked forward to an unforgettable experience. When he got a chance to experience his first kiss with Pragya, he was in for a surprise. Read his story to find out more.

‘Our first kiss was magical!'

Aman loved Kartik and experienced his many firsts with him - first proposal, first kiss and much more. He shares his story with Love Matters India.

Before you say - ‘I love you’

I love you. Three simple little words. A million ways to mess them up. No wonder, carrying them around in your head and the build-up to saying them out loud can fill you up with crippling fear. So what can you do ( or should not do) before you say these three words to someone. Read on.

Pills/herbs for better sex?

We bet you all have heard of pills like Viagra that promise to keep you going on and on or our desi jadi booti Shilajit that increases the ‘mardana taqat’. But ever wondered how safe these sexual performance enhancers are? Should you take them or not? Love Matters is here to answer all your queries.

How could she get pregnant!

Mithun and Ruchi masturbated each other and after two days she called to tell him that she was pregnant. Mithun was shocked. What exactly happened?

We were caught almost nude!

Sia and Tarun waited for more than five hours to get together at his home and make love but just when they had undressed, someone entered the room. Who was it? What happened next? Read the story to find out!