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When I lost my desire for oral sex!

When Mayank was about to go down on Pallavi, something strange happened that put Mayank off oral sex. He shares his story and dilemma with Love Matters India.

Mayank, 18, is a B.Sc First Year student at Delhi University.

Dream come true 

Although there were many girls in my class, Pallavi was different. She was so beautiful that after seeing her, one would not want to see anyone else. Her clothes, her way of carrying herself, her style everything was so elegant. 

I wanted to talk to her so desperately but could not find a way! I soon found out that one of my friends, Deepika, was Pallavi's roommate. I started asking Deepika about Pallavi - what she liked, what kind of girl she was, does she even talk about boys? One day during a conversation, Deepika told that Pallavi is having trouble making her power point presentation (PPT) but she is not telling anyone.

Then what? It felt like I had won a lottery. I never realised that studies could be so helpful! By the evening, Pallavi and Deepika were sitting at a table designing PPT. I did not want her to catch me staring at her, but my heart refused to listen to my mind and I could not stop myself from looking at her. 

We met several times in the next few days regarding the PPT and became friends. I often accompanied her to the hostel gate in the evening. Despite having each other’s number, we shied away from talking for at least the first two weeks and just kept chatting on WhatsApp. Then one evening, I got to know that she was unwell and then I called her. 

From that day onwards, we started talking regularly. She would often call me at the hostel gate to take notes in the evening. Now we were not just friends, but our relationship had moved forward.

First time ever

Our half-yearly exams were near, and now the two of us started meeting quite often. My parents were going out somewhere for two days, so I thought of calling Pallavi home to study together. I hesitantly messaged Pallavi in ​​the early morning asking her to come over. 

This was the first time I was calling her at my house. 

That evening, she came to my house wearing a green Kurti and a black plazo. I was mesmerised by her beauty. I made her sit on the couch, brought her some chocolates and water and sat in front of her. But she immediately stood up and sat next to me. 

My heart was not under my control after seeing her so close to me. Her entire body was glowing. She looked at me with desire and then what happened next was happening for the first time for me.

The pink panty

We had not opened our notes yet but my T-shirt and her Kurti were already open. We started kissing each other. I had not thought that we would come this close. We didn’t even have a condom at that time and did not want to take any risk. So we decided that I would go down on her (for oral sex). 

I removed her plazo and felt intoxicated and I am sure she felt the same. As I bent down to kiss her panties, I felt a strange damp smell. Pallavi's pink colour panties smelled strange. 

How can a girl who is so stylish and fashion conscious, be so careless about the cleanliness of her undergarments, I thought. I was too put off to go down on her, so I just kissed her and we made out a bit with her taking the lead. It was a hot and sweaty experience so I asked her if she is ok to have shower with me. I secretly wished that she should say yes because the smell was now unbearable. She happily agreed and we had a good time together. 

Why bother

The next morning as she was about to leave, I asked her casually if she got a change of clothes and undergarments? 

‘I have a fresh Kurti in my bag but hey who changes underwear every day? I don’t!’ she said casually. 

‘Why? Don’t you get time to wash clothes?’ I asked, now understanding why that smell was so prominent. 

‘Who washes undergarments every day? Nobody looks at it... In our hostels, many girls don't wash them for weeks’, Pallavi added and kissed me goodbye as I kissed goodbye to my desire to have oral sex ever again!

What happened between Pallavi and me? Well, that is a story for some other time! 

To protect the identity, the person in the picture is a model and names have been changed. 

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