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‘If the kid is asleep, come over’

Love and relationships
‘If the kid is asleep, come to my room’, Ankush messaged Aarti at midnight. She was shocked. Did he forget he was Covid positive? No, but his sexual urges were too strong and he was restless. What happened next? Aarti shares her story with Love Matters India.

When I lost my desire for oral sex!

Making Love
When Mayank was about to go down on Pallavi, something strange happened that put Mayank off oral sex. He shares his story and dilemma with Love Matters India.

My first kiss

Love and relationships
When Rajat first tried to kiss Alisha, she immediately stopped him. After that incident, he never tried again. However, after a few months, it was Alisha who now yearned to touch and kiss him. Should she make a move or wait? She shared her story with Love Matters India’s writer Anoop.

‘He comes to my room secretly'

Love and relationships
Finding time and space for sex in a joint family? How does that work? Love Matters India asked six Indian couples. You'll be surprised to read what they said!

Low budget? Here’s how to keep your partner happy

Love and relationships
Falling in love is romantic and guess what – often expensive too. However, if you are a smart Love Matters reader, we have some really good tips to keep your partner happy even with a tight purse!

When I dumped all my short dresses

Sexual Harassment
‘It must be my fault that I was groped on the street. After all, I was coming home late, alone and in a short dress’, Sheetal told herself. An inspiring conversation with someone unexpected gave her the courage that it wasn’t. Sheetal shares her story with Love Matters.

Love tips for singles this Valentine’s Day

Love and relationships
Red roses, heart-shaped balloons, romantic songs – getting to your nerve? Well, you are not alone. Love Matters India spoke to five singles for tips on how to rock Valentine’s Day without a partner.

He said I was too good to share

Love and relationships
‘I love you so much that I can’t share you with anyone else’, Aman would often say to Nisha. She felt on top of the world but she soon realised only things are meant to be shared (or not). Her relationship with Aman had gradually made her feel like one, a thing he owned.

Top tips to deal with a controlling partner

Love and relationships
Love comes in many forms – from the chocolates he gets for you to the special dress you choose for her. But so does control, if only one person gets to make all the decisions. Here are some ways to identify control in your relationship and suggestions to cut it out.

Smelly white fluid on your genitalia: It could be smegma

Our Bodies
Have you noticed a white, sticky substance on your genitals? It could be smegma, a lubricant naturally secreted by our genital glands. If left unattended, it can be painful. Here’s a quick ‘low down’ on how to deal with it.

Do all women want to have children?

In almost all societies, and especially ours, having a child is almost a given if you are a woman. Motherhood ‘completes’ a woman, we have been told for centuries. However, does it really? We talked to five different women who decided to live a childfree life and why.