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Love tips for singles this Valentine’s Day

Red roses, heart-shaped balloons, romantic songs – getting to your nerve? Well, you are not alone. Love Matters India spoke to five singles for tips on how to rock Valentine’s Day without a partner.

Travel solo

I have been to many places with my family but never been on a solo trip. So I decided to celebrate this Valentine’s with a just-me-and-my-bag visit to Shillong. I don't need any love tips, I love myself! 

To avoid the last minute rush, I booked tickets much in advance and now plan to spend 14th February in the lap of the mountains – away from the madding city crowd.

*Samaksh, 21, Ahmedabad

Eat out with single friends

I know at least ten singles (boys and girls) from school and college. One day, I created a Whatsapp group called ‘Sexy Singles’ for all of us where to give love tips! Now we all plan to hang out together on V-Day!  

I have already searched for a really good restaurant that serves awesome food and booked a table in advance! We plan to dine, dance and enjoy our singlehood together.

*Viraj, 20, Gurgaon

Movie date with myself

Have you experienced the thrill of sitting alone in a cinema hall, watching your favourite movie? This Valentine’s Day, I want to do exactly this.

I have booked advanced tickets for ‘Gully Boy’. When Ranveer is on the screen to give love tips, I don’t really need any other company!

*Meher, 26, Pune

Be the change

I was raised in a conservative family. I was never allowed to have boys as friends and studied in a girls-only school. But things have changed now.

I started working for an IT firm in Bangalore. My mother has moved in with me for now and is aware that I have many male colleagues, some of whom are also friends. So this Valentine’s Day, she has invited all my office friends – both men and women, to our home on the eve of Valentine’s for maa ke haath ka khana. Guess what! Everyone confirmed with a yes!   

*Sanvi, 24, Amritsar

Prepare for the next Valentine's

I hope to celebrate the next V Day with a partner listening to her love tips. So I have taken the first step, creating an online profile on dating websites, including Tinder.

I also plan to create a list of qualities that I want to see in my partner. Based on that I would want to assess myself and see if I have the same qualities.

*Vivek, 21, Delhi

*To protect the identity, names have been changed and the person/s in the picture is/are models.

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