Sexual Harassment

We live in a world where not everyone treats others with respect, especially when it comes to their bodies. Here we will talk about what sexual harassment and is and how to deal with it.


What is Revenge porn?

By definition, online distribution and circulation of pornographic content of an individual by their partner or anyone else, comes under the category of revenge porn.

Is it Online Harassment?

Online harassment simply means facing aggressive pressure or intimidation online. It can easily affect your mental health.

Sexual harassment - what is it?

An unwanted physical or verbal sexual behaviour/advance is called sexual harassment. It can be done by a person who is in authority toward a subordinate (such as an employee or student) or even some random man who brushes against your body on a public transport.

Abusive relationships

Abuse can be of various kinds – physical, emotional, financial or sexual. In an abusive relationship, there is a lack of respect, trust and consideration. Abusive relationships can be hard to recognise. Sometimes people stay in abusive relationships for years without realising they are trapped in one.