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Our horoscopes don't match, can we still marry?

By Auntyji Friday, October 6, 2017 - 16:32
My boyfriend and I love each other. But our parents aren’t agreeing to us getting married because our horoscopes don’t match. What should we do now? Minal (24), Agra.

Auntyji says… Oye yeh kya ho raha hai? What a mixed up situation you both are in. Let’s think for a bit…

So jee now what to do? It seems everything is against you, even the stars! Oye hoye! Puttar jee, sabton pehlan, beta jaan, this is a real test of your love for each other. This is a difficult time for both of you, but the real challenge is – do you succumb to these notions or does your love transcend these challenges?

The first piece of salaah – both of you sit down cool and composed and have a heart to heart discussion. Do the stars matter or do your feelings for each other? Once you get honest answers, your decisions will be much easier and stronger. So in the midst of all this chaos, you guys need to go on a date with an agenda!

All good reasons 

Having said all this it’s still going to be so hard. You see in matters like this, all reason fails and for many, many people, the matching of stars, patris and kundlis is very reasonable. They think it makes perfect sense and if there’s no match then it’s a very good reason to desist!

But beta that’s one way of looking at it and the other is that worldwide, apart from countries like ours, do these practices exist? Do people in Hilversum in Holland, have a patri matching system or are there no married people there, happily at that? So then?

Why I am saying this is beta because if your parents were unsure of your pair anyway, they will now be extra convinced that they were right! And you young people are wrong! 'See, even the stars say so!'

Thus and therefore, you and the bf must have good enough reasons to back each of these star-based debates – Hilversum, Hong Kong and Hanoi being but a few discussion points. And please, is each and every Indian getting their kundlis matched? Not really! Taan pher?!

Misses and understandings

On the other hand, you both had better be thoroughly convinced on what you are doing. BECAUSE the first problem you both have – and don’t we all – the mummyjee, daddyjee and chaachijee will start off, 'Yeh toh hona hee tha.'

So if you start to think the same, then you both will just get sucked into a blame game and the first thing out of the window is love and pyaar! There is no relationship – be it Shahrukh to Gauri or Shahrukh to Rani – where misunderstandings don’t happen, where bade chote jhagde don’t happen. So this does not mean they are unhappily married, or their marriage is doomed!

Dekho beta Minal, the point may seem biased but when any misfortune does occur after marriage, the large part of the blame comes on the woman. 'She is manglik, her husband will die, 'She is star-crossed, his business will suffer.' There is no end to this, I am telling you. In the long run, whatever may happen, it’s the girl’s fault! So you see, you can never please everyone.

Just be very sure about each other so that when the murmurings begin, you can nip it in the bud – and the person who really needs to gear up for this is your husband-to-be! Braving up to the haye duhai of a weepy mother claiming that his wife – i.e. you – has put chasms and daraar between her and her son – i.e. husband-to-be – is not easy for the son either.

Here comes the bride

Now, you tell me what do you or people around you and me even understand when people say something like, 'When the girl enters Mars dasha during that period, trouble may begin but it is good that Mars is exalted and even placed in nakshtra of moon and depositor of Jupiter.' Any sense at all? No!

It’s all left to the interpretation of the pundits or astrologers – ab woh chahe jo bhi kahe!And let’s say you were to agree to hear what these astrologers do say – they will be only too happy to fix your situation or dosh or dasha for a good enough cost.

And of course before you know it Minal, you will be getting married to a tree and your bf to a matka – all for a reasonable price of course! All I say is, jab meeya biwi raazi, toh kya karegaaa.... qazi?!

To protect the author's privacy, the person in the photo is a model. This article was first published on October 16, 2017. 

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