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The date is set but I don’t want to marry!

Hi Aunty ji, I am not very confident about the boy I am going to marry next month. We are not at all compatible. But is it too late because the invitation cards have been sent. What will the society say? My parents too will have to bear financial loss. Shivangi, 28, Dehradun.

My husband doesn’t want to use a condom, help!

Hi Auntyji, my husband says he doesn't enjoy sex with condom. I don't want to have birth control pills. What should we do? Supriya, 24, Chandigarh.

My bf wants me to prove my love by having sex, help!

Hi Aunty ji, my bf says – prove your love to me by having sex. I am scared and don't want to lose him. He is good and loves me. Shall I have sex with him to show my love? Drishti, 20, Patna

My bf banged his head into the wall!

Hi Aunty ji, I’ve been dating my boyfriend for 2 years. Last week we had a huge fight and he banged his head into the wall. He has never been like this before and after. What should I do? Kuhika, 19, Salem.

How do girls get an orgasm?

Hi Aunty ji, how do girls know when they have an orgasm? My boyfriend asks me how often if I've come after sex. But I don't have an answer. Sanah, 18, Pune.

I don’t want to live anymore after my break-up, help!

Hi Aunty ji, My girlfriend broke up with me. I don’t want to live anymore. What should I do? Karan, 22, Delhi.

Is it wrong to date in a park?

Hi Aunty ji, my bf and I were sitting in the park just holding hands and the police harassed us. They threatened to call our parents. What should we do if this happens again? Tanya, 20, Lucknow.

Shani ki dasha in 2020, what to do?

Hi Aunty ji, my horoscope says 2020 is not good for any relationships, what to do? Ankita, 22, Baroda.

My husband says sex is his legal right. Is that true?

Hi Aunty ji, my husband of six months wants to have sex everyday. If I refuse, he says, it's his legal right. Is he right? Sukanya, 24, Jharkhand.

Can I get HIV with oral sex?

Hi Aunty ji, I had oral sex with a sex worker, now will I get HIV? Uday 23, Jaipur.

Should I call him after a date?

Hi Aunty ji, I really like a guy and we met through an online dating app. Everything went well and we exchanged numbers. However, it’s been two days and he has not called. Would I look desperate if I call? Should I call first? Tanika, 19, Haldwani.

My girlfriend is pregnant. Should we get married?

Hi Auntyji, we had sex for first time and my partner says she is pregnant. Do I have to marry her? Adil, 21, Haridwar.