Do you have a question in mind that you're reluctant to ask? Love Matter's sexual expert Auntyji is here to answer all your questions.

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Why aren’t we free to choose who we love?

Hi Aunty ji, Why can’t we freely love people from other religion, caste or same gender? Pragati, 23, Jhansi.

How to have a good breakup?

Hi Auntyji, I want to break up with my boyfriend of two years as this relationship is not going anywhere. But I do not want to break his heart. How can I go about it? Sanah, 22, Chennai.

Can transgender people conceive?

Can transgender people have sex and children? Neema, 23, Gurgaon.

My smart gf makes me insecure - what's your advice?

Auntyji, my partner is good at everything she does. I feel worthless in front of her. What should I do? I don’t want to break-up. Satinder (26), Ambala.

I do not orgsam with my partner. Please help!

I don’t get an orgasm while having sex with my partner, but I am able to get one only when I masturbate. Should I fake one when we make out? Kalyani, 26, Patna

Can gay couples have kids?

I am a gay man. I can’t get married but I love kids. Can I adopt? Kadam, 26, Darjeeling

I only have clitoral orgasms – is that OK?

Auntyji, I can only orgasm with clitoral stimulation. It’s fun but is getting dull. My partner and I miss the excitement. What’s wrong with me? Can you make sense of it? Anju (24), Baroda.

Is it ok to have a sexual fling before marriage?

I will soon be marrying a man my parents have chosen. Before I get married, I want to have sex with another man, who I like but do not want to get married to. Is this dangerous? B, 24, Kanpur.

I am teased for being too girly, help!

I am a 17-year-old boy and people tease me for my mannerisms, calling me a girl. Please help. Ankush, 17, Chennai

Can homosexuality be cured by medicines?

Can homosexuality be cured by medical treatment? If, yes, how and where can I find the treatment. Anmol, 21, Sikkim.

How do people become hijras?

Hi Auntyji, a hijra came to my place the other day. How do people turn into hijras? Akshara, 18, Amritsar.

I am a boy but feel like girl. Do I need surgery?

I have a male body but I believe I am a girl. Do I opt for a sex change surgery? *Sagar, 18, Mumbai.