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Should I marry a girl with disability?

Hi Auntyji, a proposal has come for my marriage with a girl in my neighborhood. I like her but she walks with crutches. I am not sure if I should go ahead. Please help. Rajesh 24, Jaipur.

Papa hit me after finding out about my affair, help!

My father recently found out about my boyfriend and hit me. How do I handle this situation? Gitika, 19, Saharanpur.

I am a man who likes to dress up as a woman. Am I gay?

Hi Auntyji, when I am alone, I like wearing women's clothes and makeup. Does this mean I am gay? Sameer, 21, Patna.

Are women pregnant when they vomit and faint?

Hi Auntyji, are women pregnant when they vomit and faint? I saw it in a movie recently. Harkirat, 19, Ludhiana.

My boyfriend falls asleep right after sex!

Aunty, every time my bf ejaculates, he falls asleep right after. He doesn’t bother to show any affection. I feel really uncomfortable. Please help! Poonam (26), Firozpur.

Unmarried and scared to go to the gynae, help!

Hi Aunty ji, I recently went to a gynecologist (female doctor) for exploring contraceptive options and the first question she asked me was – are you married? I felt really embarrassed. How should I deal with such a situation in the future? Shristi, 21, Gurgaon.

My girlfriend’s vagina is too dark

Hello Auntyji, I have a problem. My girlfriend is very nice. She is also really pretty and fair-complexioned. But her vagina is too dark. This repels me and so I don't enjoy sex. What should I do? Jolly, 23 Ahemdabad.

Unable to adjust in my new home post marriage. What should I do?

Hi Auntyji, I got married six months ago but am not happy. I am not able to adjust or co-operate in my new home. I am quite depressed. I don’t know what to do. Gurpreet, 24, Amritsar.

What is a couple swap?

Hi Auntyji, what is a couple swap? I am wondering if I should suggest it to my wife to spice up things? Vishal, 32, Muradabad

My aunt is flirting with me, help!

Hi Auntyji, an aunt keeps dropping sexual hints at me. What should I do? Amit, 22, Kanpur.

I have a ‘gent’s problem’, who should I see?

Hi Auntyji, I have a male sexual health issue but I am not sure which doctor to consult. Sharad, 26, Ludhiana.

What the hell is feminism?

Auntyji, what is this ‘feminism’? Does it mean that men have to be under women’s thumbs from now on? Sankalp, 23, Roorke.