Do you have a question in mind that you're reluctant to ask? Love Matter's sexual expert Auntyji is here to answer all your questions.

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Boyfriend paise maangta hai, what to do?

Hi Auntyji, my boyfriend keeps asking for money, what to do? Shweta, 21, Cuttack.

I saw my younger sister touching herself, should I stop her?

Hi Auntyji, I saw my 12-year-old sister touching her private parts while sleeping. Should I have a talk with her? Amol, 21, Chandigarh.

Why aren’t we free to choose who we love?

Hi Aunty ji, Why can’t we freely love people from other religion, caste or same gender? Pragati, 23, Jhansi.

How to delay periods?

Hi Auntyji, I am going on a beach holiday but the dates clash with my periods. How can I postpone my periods and is it safe? Samina, 24, Shillong.

I want to make love with my gf on Valentine’s. Isn’t it only fair?

Auntyji, I take very good care of my girlfriend, so is it wrong to expect a physical relationship on Valentine’s Day? Won’t it make this day extra special? Ankit, 24, Bareilly.

Shani ki dasha in my horoscope, what to do?

Hi Aunty ji, my horoscope says this year is not good for any relationships, what to do? Ankita, 22, Baroda.

Who will help us now!

Hello! What happened to our Aunty ji? Who will help us now with our queries on love, sex and relationships? All the Love Matters Fans, Young India.

How to be sexy in 2019?

Hi Aunty ji, what’s your new year resolution and what’s your advice for all your fans? Mahesh, 21, Madurai

Can I lose my virginity if he goes down on me?

Hi Auntyji, my partner and I want to have oral sex but I am scared. I wonder if I will lose my virginity through oral sex. Can you please advise? Sneha, 18, Kanpur.

Unmarried and scared to go to the gynae, help!

Hi Aunty ji, I recently went to a gynecologist (female doctor) for exploring contraceptive options and the first question she asked me was – are you married? I felt really embarrassed. How should I deal with such a situation in the future? Shristi, 21, Gurgaon.

Should I marry a girl with disability?

Hi Auntyji, a proposal has come for my marriage with a girl in my neighborhood. I like her but she walks with crutches. I am not sure if I should go ahead. Please help. Rajesh 24, Jaipur.

Papa hit me after finding out about my affair, help!

My father recently found out about my boyfriend and hit me. How do I handle this situation? Gitika, 19, Saharanpur.