Do you have a question in mind that you're reluctant to ask? Love Matter's sexual expert Auntyji is here to answer all your questions.

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My gf is getting married. What should I do?

Hi Auntyji, my girlfriend is getting married. I am devastated and can’t believe it is actually happening. What can I do? Ashutosh, 23, Allahabad.

How can I ask my bf to give me orgasms?

Hi Auntyji, my boyfriend seems disinterested in working towards my orgasms. He says it's too time consuming! I feel a little let down... what can I do? Divya, 23 years, Kolkata.

Should I allow my GF to access sexual health info online?

'Hi Auntyji, I often post questions on sexual health forums on my girlfriend's behalf. I feel these websites, though useful, are not really appropriate or safe for girls. But she now insists on accessing information herself. What should I do?’ Prateek, 25, Indore.

My GF is seeing someone else. What should I do?

Hello Auntyji, I found mushy messages from another guy on my girlfriend's phone. She says he is just a good colleague. But she talks to him quite a lot. I know something is going on. I am heartbroken, but I can't leave her. What should I do? Saurabh, 25, Bareilly.

Morning-after pills instead of condoms – is that OK?

Hi Auntyji. My boyfriend has stopped using condoms – says sex is more fun without them. But he ensures that I use emergency contraceptive pills (ECP) for protection. But it is now impacting my periods. What should I do? Mona, 24, Jalandhar.

My bf tracks everything I do

Auntyji, my bf is so nice and supportive, but he calls me so much. He always asks me so many questions – though he never stops me from doing anything I want. So I am a bit confused actually. Kaveri, 21, Chandigarh

How can I tell my bf his love is too much?

My boyfriend is really a great guy but these days he has taken to 'surprising’ me – like showing up at office with an auto full of flowers, popping up when I am out with friends, landing at my dance class. Everyone envies me, but I don’t like it. What do I do? Kaveri, 25, Bangalore.

My girlfriend’s vagina is too dark

Hello Auntyji, I have a problem. My girlfriend is very nice. She is also really pretty and fair-complexioned. But her vagina is too dark. This repels me and so I don't enjoy sex. What should I do? Jolly, 23 Ahemdabad.

I'm attracted to children – what should I do?

I am attracted towards children and want to have sex with them. I know it is wrong but I don't know what to do. ABC, 28 years.

We can’t have a baby – help!

My husband and I have been trying to have a baby since long but we haven’t succeeded. Do you think we should do some tests? What if I get blamed? Shoma (26), Kolkata.

In love with my sister-in-law – what should I do?

Auntyji, my brother got married two years ago and now I am totally mad about my sister-in-law. I think she likes me too. What should I do? I am so nervous. Sam (23), Ajmer.

How can I persuade my boyfriend to have a threesome?

Auntyji, I really want to try a threesome but my partner is totally against it. How can I convince him? It’s becoming a big issue between us. Kehkashan (23), Gurgaon.