If I pass urine after sex, will it prevent pregnancy
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If I pass urine after sex, will it prevent pregnancy?

By Aunty ji Friday, September 1, 2023 - 12:29
Hi Aunty ji, my boyfriend told me that if I urinate after having sex, there are no chances of pregnancy. I have heard this from my friends too. Is it true? Parul, 20, Jammu.

Extra information not safe! 

Oh ho, Parul beta! I hope you haven’t blindly followed your boyfriend on this. Well, let me put it this way – just like we add a little extra tadka to our food to make it more flavorful, some folks tend to add some ‘extra information’ to their advice too. And sorry to say but your friends and your bf, love tadke wali daal! But worry not, I'll give you the real recipe for this question just let me get my masala chai

Puttar ji, while urinating after having sex with your boyfriend might help in reducing the chances of urinary tract infections (UTI), it won't play the lead role in preventing pregnancy. Pregnancy isn't a fan of shortcuts, my dear. It takes a bit more than a trip to the loo to keep those baby plans at bay.

You see, pregnancy happens when a sperm from your boyfriend's ejaculate ( the white discharge that comes after his orgasm) meets up with your egg, and they decide to dance the Bhangra together and form a baby. Now, urinating post-sex won't stop those determined little swimmers i.e. sperms from reaching their destination – the egg.

Also, puttar sperm goes up the vaginal canal and the urine comes out of the urethra hole. Twi different tracks and these two trains have no junction puttar! So how will pee wash the sperm out? 

Rely on real protectors 

To guard against unplanned pregnancy, you need a solid defence like contraceptives. Condoms, birth control pills, intrauterine devices (IUDs) – these are your real protectors, beta ji. They're like the bodyguards for your ovaries, making sure no unwanted guests (read: sperm) sneak in without an invitation.

So, remember, while visiting the washroom after having sex is a good habit to keep those UTIs away, it's not the ultimate shield against pregnancy. Stick to those contraceptives like a true Punjabi sticks to their butter chicken! 

Boyfriend’s excuse? 

And make sure this is not just an excuse your boyfriend is giving for not using a condom. Most guys will go to any extent to not use a condom and say - it just does not give them pleasure but no pleasure in life comes when unwanted surprises like pregnancy happen! 

Some boys say condom does not give skin-to-skin contact. My dear, if pleasure could come this way (with only skin contact), then where's the joy in eating samosas without potatoes? For us, the pleasure of eating gets doubled when spices and potatoes come together!

And your latest excuse - pregnancy can just be prevented by urinating after sex!  If that theory were true, then no one in the world would be selling condoms or birth control. The doctors would simply say, ‘Fall in love, get married, and then urinate to prevent pregnancy!’ Sounds funny right? 

Take care of your health 

And yes, without condoms and contraceptives, life would be nothing much – just like enjoying chole without that fluffy bhature! And next time someone gives you 'quick fix' advice, just smile and nod! 

Parul puttar, you've truly brought a smile to my face! But that's the charm of life – finding laughter and lessons in the little things. So remember, steer clear of your boyfriend's excuses and take care of your health, so that in every beautiful moment of life, you overflow with happiness and joy!

To protect the identity, the person in the picture is a model and names have been changed. 

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