When my husband got his ‘replacement’!
Pexels/Person in the photo is a model, names changed.

When my husband got his ‘replacement’!

By SaumyaLM Friday, August 11, 2023 - 14:30
One night, Priya's husband suddenly woke up and approached her with a box in his hands. This unexpected incident left Priya wondering what had come over her husband during their lovemaking. What was in that boy? Priya shares her interesting story with Love Matters.

Priya, 26, is a homemaker and lives in Ahmedabad. 

That cold December night

My husband, a Marine Engineer, returned home in December after spending around six continuous months away. We cherish our time together during his visits as we don't get to have long conversations on the phone while he's away. When we meet, we make the most of it by going out for dinner, watching movies, and spending quality time together.

When he's away, I miss him deeply, including his physical touch. It becomes even more pronounced when I attend kitty parties with some of my friends who live in the same apartment. During these gatherings, they often share intimate stories about their husbands, like trying new positions or engaging in foreplay. However, I don't have similar experiences to share, and it makes me feel left out and uncomfortable, so I usually stay silent during those conversations.

Finally, this December, my wish came true, and my husband was with me for a long time! I excitedly shared my plan with him, saying, ‘This time, both of us will try something new together.’ Upon hearing my words, he embraced me tightly, expressing his enthusiasm, ‘Yes, of course! This time, I want to give you a very different and new feeling.’ As he spoke, he leaned in and kissed me affectionately.

The mystery gift 

That night, we found ourselves lost in each other's arms. He gently caressed my hair as I touched his chest, savouring the scent I had missed for so long. Wrapped in a warm blanket, our bodies radiated heat, adding to the intensity of the moment. Throughout the night, we kissed each other passionately, exploring every inch of our bodies with tenderness. Our foreplay was a delightful experience, and both of us were immensely pleased. 

But little did I know, there was more to come! As he touched me down there, I closed my eyes and began to enjoy his gentle caresses. Suddenly, he seemed to disappear, leaving me puzzled. After a few moments of restlessness, I called out his name. He reassured me to keep my eyes shut, promising a surprise. My curiosity grew, and I eagerly waited.

A few seconds later, a buzzing sound filled the air, and I felt a sudden movement around my vagina. To my surprise, he had a vibrator in his hand, delicately stimulating me. I was rendered speechless as I became immersed in the incredible sensation, smiling with pleasure.

The best orgasm ever

It turned out to be the best orgasm I had ever experienced. The vibrator worked its magic within minutes. Though I initially felt a bit shy about enjoying something where he wasn't penetrating me, the pleasure was undeniable.

He kissed me lovingly and explained, ‘I know that when I'm not here, you must miss the physical intimacy we share. So, I got this as a gift for you, so you can enjoy pleasure even when I'm away.’ With a mischievous glint in his eye, he added, ‘And of course, when I am here, we can use it together,’ and we both shared a playful smile.

To protect the identity, the person in the picture is a model and names have been changed. 

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