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It's not the size but how you do it that matters

Our Bodies
Penis size is very important for boys because for them it shows their masculinity. Sometimes boys become so serious about their penis size, that they are unable to enjoy their love life. Something similar happened with Vikram and Sneha. Let us know his story..

On our first-night, husband did not like my vagina

Making Love
Sonam had envisioned a movie-like wedding, imagining her husband Vicky lifting her veil on their first night. However, during the honeymoon, he surprisingly proposed anal sex instead of vaginal, leaving her with conflicting emotions. Curious about what Sonam's husband asked? Explore the story she shared with Love Matters.

When my husband got his ‘replacement’!

Making Love
One night, Priya's husband suddenly woke up and approached her with a box in his hands. This unexpected incident left Priya wondering what had come over her husband during their lovemaking. What was in that boy? Priya shares her interesting story with Love Matters.