It's not the size but how you do it that matters
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It's not the size but how you do it that matters

By SaumyaLM Thursday, May 16, 2024 - 15:42
Penis size is very important for boys because for them it shows their masculinity. Sometimes boys become so serious about their penis size, that they are unable to enjoy their love life. Something similar happened with Vikram and Sneha. Let us know his story..

Vikram and Sneha had a love marriage. They were in a long-distance relationship for about four years, so they rarely met, but to stay connected, they used video calls and phone calls. 

First time sex? 

Finally, after a long wait of four years, Vikram and Sneha got married. This was indeed the happiest moment for them. Sneha was especially excited for this moment because sometimes when her colleagues in the office would come with their partners for a festival, Sneha often wished she could also stay with Vikram. 

But Vikram looked a little preoccupied, or so it seemed to Sneha. She couldn't understand the turmoil in his mind that wouldn't calm down. At first, Sneha didn't realize anything was wrong, but when Vikram started refusing to sit near her or touch her, she began to have doubts. After four years of being inseparable, why was Vikram behaving this way? What could be causing this sudden change?

Suddenly, Sneha started remembering old times. When she used to try to get close to Vikram, he would sometimes get a little uncomfortable. But that was different—today was their wedding night. This time felt different and more serious. Why was this happening?

Something is a miss 

Sneha held Vikram's palms and asked, "Till date, I have not asked why you start behaving like this. Earlier, I thought you just felt awkward being intimate, so I didn't say anything. But today, you seem more nervous than before. You can tell me, now I am your better half. It’s alright.”

Vikram sighed and said, “No, it's not that I don't want to be intimate. But I can't. Sneha, my penis is very small!” After saying this, he turned away, his face flushing with embarrassment as the secret he had hidden for so long was finally revealed.

Do you want a rocket?

But Sneha started laughing after listening to him. She gently held Vikram from behind and began caressing his penis, hoping to make him more comfortable and aroused. After a while, when Vikram started to relax and sigh lightly, Sneha pointed out, "Look, it's not short at all. It's perfectly fine. Do you need a rocket to go to the moon, or is this enough to be inside me?"

Research also says that boys think more about the size of their penis, whereas girls are often careless about it.

How to do it, it is important

After hearing this, Vikram felt a little comfortable but he said, “I thought that the size of my penis was very small because I had heard that the size of the penis should be at least 7-8 inches.” Sneha laughed and said, “Okay, tell me with which scale was the size measured?”

Vikram could not say anything. On this, Sneha explained to him and said, “The normal length of the penis is only 4.7 – 5.9 inches/ 12 – 17 centimeters and the condom also comes of approximately the same size. Now do you want us to have sex without a condom every time…you are in such a hurry to become a father!”

So listen carefully – Research shows that it is not the size of the penis that matters but love matters, have you heard – Love Matters! In women, only the outer 1/3 of the vagina (about two inches) can experience sex. Therefore, for a woman, it does not matter how deep the penis reaches. Therefore, if an erect penis is two inches long, which is usually the case with most men, this is enough to satisfy his lady love. It's not just the size, but what you do with what you have, that matters.

Newfound confidence

Also, research shows that even in men, only the glans penis is sensitive to sex or touch. So, the happiness of the male partner also does not depend on the overall length of the penis, but on the 'sensitivity' of the penis.

Upon hearing this, Vikram felt a surge of newfound confidence. Sneha went on, “Remember that day I borrowed your phone for a UPI transaction? I happened to see your Google search history—’how to increase penis size’—and I realized what was troubling you.”

Vikram embraced her warmly and said, “Thank you for understanding. Let’s move forward together.”

With a playful smile, Sneha added, “But first, let’s turn off the light. We wouldn’t want your ‘little one’ getting lost, now would we?” 

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