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Falling in love (with myself)

‘Waking up to messages like, ‘Hey, beautiful’, and being stared at during video calls, even when I’m not wearing kajal, made me fall in love with myself a little more... When you live with a disability, you want to be with someone who loves you with your disability, not in spite of it,’ says Sweta, as she shares her story with Rising Flame.

When I got slapped for ‘May I’!

First he didn’t know what consent was. And when he asked for it, he got slapped! Asking consent is tricky but necessary. Should you ask for it or go with the flow? Abhishek shares his story and tips on how to get consent right with Love Matters India.

Dating with disability in the times of COVID!

‘We had our speaking days and non speaking days but I feel that COVID was indeed the testing time that brought us closer and made us more sensitive to our imperfections, differences, and desires,’ Nidhi Goyal, shares her story with Love Matters India.

My 2021 resolution is to have sex!

Why has Akhil never been able to find a partner? Why has he never had sex? As the new year begins, Akhil tells us his tale, which is probably a kahani ghar ghar ki.

When I confronted an online troll

Online trolling has grown rapidly over the last few years. The main aim is to attack people's privacy. If male, then the women of his family are targeted, his birth is tainted and if it is a woman, dirt is thrown on her entire existence. A similar incident happened to Delhi writer Anu Shakti Singh and she shared her story with Love Matters.

‘I had goosebumps that night’

Kirti wanted the first ever trip with her parents to be really special. But what followed next was a rollercoaster ride with men banging at her door at midnight. How did she handle the situation? She shares her story with Love Matters India.

'Don’t you dare touch my daughter'

Dr. Sheela Ranjan* is Professor of Economics at university. But even today, she thinks of her life as nothing less than a dream. If her mother had not fought for both of them during her childhood, she might not have been alive today. Dr. Sheela shared her story with Love Matters.

He said, ‘I will ruin you’

When Vijay proposed to Riya, she rejected him outright but Vijay was persistent. He, along with his friend Sonu, threatened Riya and told her that he would ‘ruin’ her. Riya shares her story with Love Matters India.

‘If you talk lovingly they agree to use a condom’

Yelawa, who works as a sex worker in Mumbai, regularly gets customers who harass her, do not maintain hygiene and are sometimes violent or intoxicated. They can even refuse to use condoms. In such a scenario, what does Yelawa do to keep herself safe? Aastha Parivaar shared Yelawa's story with Love Matters.

‘I know how to get them to use condoms’

Priya is a sex worker in Mumbai. She does not regret the work she picked during times of difficulty. Sex work is just a path for her to reach her goals. But she does her work responsibly and keeps herself safe and healthy. This is not easy. Especially when she has to persuade customers to use condoms. Priya's story was shared by Aastha Parivaar with Love Matters.

‘We were just joking Didi’

Sheetal felt really stressed and helpless because of a group of boys who used to harass her on the way to the coaching class everyday. But then something happened that changed things forever. Sheetal shares her story with Love Matters India.

He grabbed my breast when helping me off the van

As a girl with a disability, Vanita needed help from his van driver, for climbing in and out of the van. One day the driver groped her breast. Vanita wasn’t sure what to do. She didn't want the incident to end her schooling. She shares her story with Love Matters India.