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I never thought my first love would do this!

Pakhi, sharing her story with Love Matters India, talks about her relationship that went from happy to hurtful when her boyfriend started making fun of her interests and dreams. With her sister's support, she found the courage to do something, which she thought was impossible. Read more to find out!

On our first-night, husband did not like my vagina

Sonam had envisioned a movie-like wedding, imagining her husband Vicky lifting her veil on their first night. However, during the honeymoon, he surprisingly proposed anal sex instead of vaginal, leaving her with conflicting emotions. Curious about what Sonam's husband asked? Explore the story she shared with Love Matters.

When my husband got his ‘replacement’!

One night, Priya's husband suddenly woke up and approached her with a box in his hands. This unexpected incident left Priya wondering what had come over her husband during their lovemaking. What was in that boy? Priya shares her interesting story with Love Matters.

Will our relationship last without the 'touch'?

Vinayana met Ayush on a social media site, and they formed an instant connection, but she had doubts that the long-distance relationship really works for them. She shares her story with Love Matters India.

'We kissed in a car and then the police chased us!'

When Bani decided to meet Aryan for the first time, they decided to steal a kiss in the car. Little did they know that this most thrilling moment in their life would end up in a police chase! What happened next left Bani shivering. They shared their story with Love Matters India.

I wish for a guy who can do this!

What kind of partner does a girl want in her life? Should he be a romantic or be a friend? Should he be good in bed or in the kitchen? Let’s hear from Sumi. She shared her wish list with Love Matters India!

He gave me great orgasms but…

Ananya loved Armaan. He cared about her and was always focused on giving her really good orgasms. However, he always hesitated to have penetrative sex. Ananya was confused. When he was so good at foreplay and oral sex, why did he avoid penetration? She shares her story with Love Matters India.

He just enters me and then…

He just thrusts his penis into my vagina and we are done! I want him to satisfy me, but I am helpless. Sumi shares her story of unfulfilled sexual desires with Love Matters India.

Why Seema bhabhi buys really long vegetables?

Once at a vegetable market, Jyoti overheard two female vendors giggling about how Seema bhabhi always buys really long vegetables. The stress was on the vegetables being ‘long’! This confused Jyoti. Why would anyone think about the length of the vegetables? She shares her joyful discovery with us.

When the penis size didn’t matter

Urmi was excited to meet Vishal for the first time after sexting with him for a couple of weeks. They wanted to have sex soon and fixed a date and time. But there was something bothering Urmi. Will it end up like her previous dates? There was something missing! She shares her story with Love Matters India.

‘Was my vagina tight for him?’

‘But there was a secret. A secret that I hadn’t revealed to Jithin yet. I was achingly waiting for Jithin to come and hold me, but was also scared about what could happen next,’ Hina told Love Matters India as she shared her story.

I froze my eggs!

Anika wanted to be a mother. But not before she had accomplished her career goals and met the right person. She shares her story with Love Matters India writer Arpit Chikkara about how she secured her plans for motherhood by getting her eggs frozen.