I wish for a guy who can do this!
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I wish for a guy who can do this!

By Jyoti Friday, November 11, 2022 - 16:36
What kind of partner does a girl want in her life? Should he be a romantic or be a friend? Should he be good in bed or in the kitchen? Let’s hear from Sumi. She shared her wish list with Love Matters India!

Sumi, 20, is a final-year graduate student living in Raipur. 

The image of my partner

I live in a hostel, so I am always surrounded by friends and know some or the other happenings of their lives. I study most of the time, but ever since I turned 18, many of my friends started going on dates. I would often accompany one or the other girl who would be hesitant to meet her boyfriend for the first time. It was common between friends. 

Many times my friends used to tell me stories of their boyfriends too. Like how they kissed, what they gifted, what movie they watched and what their plan for next weekend is etc. Listening to the stories of my friends, I also started creating the image of a partner for myself. Since I grew up in an orphanage as a child, I never had an experience of living with a family or having any expectations from a loved one.

I want someone who can give me a father's shadow, a mother's lap. Like a father, he should scold me for making a mistake, but also love me and console me like a mother. Every girl demands something from their father, I  want to do that from my partner. 

Man of my dreams

Even though I haven't experienced living in a family, I want many qualities in that one person. Along with this, I also want to give him a lot of love and happiness. 

Apart from this, I also want to see a good friend in my partner, with whom I can fight. I need someone who can correct my bindi, sit with me to read books, help me with my kitchen chores, and if the sugar box is placed on top, lift me up in his arms so that I can make tea for him. I do not know how to wear a saree, so he should help me in wearing my saree and as soon as he gets up after fixing the pleates of my saree, I would kiss him on his forehead.

I want a partner who smiles with me in my small happiness. We should sit together and watch movies, no matter how busy we are, but we can definitely take out some time for each other. Apart from this, I want my boyfriend to write me letters and I should also answer him in a very poetic way. 

Hoping against hope? 

There should also be some space between us so that both of us can live our lives on our own terms and also maintain our personal space. My silence should not mean yes to him but he should be able to accept my no in a good way too! We should respect each other above love, because in a loving relationship, no matter how important the trust factor is, it is equally important to respect each other.

I have this utmost desire that one day when I am cooking in the kitchen, he should come from behind and put gajra in my hair. He should then sing the song, ‘Aaj se teri sari galiyan meri ho gayi’ from the Padman movie. I do know that my wish for my future partner is too much but there is no harm in having hope. And I hope I will!  

To protect the identity, the person in the picture is a model and names have been changed. 

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