Is it ok for unmarried couples to stay at hotels?
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Is it ok for unmarried couples to stay at hotels?

You doubt whether an unmarried couple is permitted by the law to check into a hotel together. Look out here for some smart tips that will ensure you a nice and smooth time.

Is It legal in India?

Understanding your rights as an unmarried couple can give you confidence and help you remain calm if faced with any challenges. Always keep in mind that you have alternative options, such as another hotel, which can reduce stress if your initial choice does not work out. No law in India restricts unmarried couples (above 18) from checking into a hotel. But, yes, some hotel owners and managers may have their own policies against this. Remember, it's not a criminal offense, so nobody can blackmail you. If in any trouble, call the police or the women's helpline number. 

If questioned, calmly explain that you are both consenting adults and there is no legal issue with your stay. Stick to the facts without getting defensive. If you start to feel anxious, take a few deep breaths to help calm your nerves. Deep breathing can help reduce stress and maintain composure. Keep a positive attitude and remind yourself that you are not doing anything wrong. Focusing on the positive can help you stay relaxed. 

If you still face any unfair treatment or harassment by the hotel staff because of your marital status, you can take legal action or ask for help from the authorities.

Always carry an ID proof that establishes you are above 18 years of age—for example, a Voter ID card, Aadhaar card, Passport, or Driving License. Make sure it is original and not a fake ID. Go through hotel policy: Before you book, do ensure that you read up on the hotel policies and other details.

Keep calm, and if in case there is a police raid at your hotel, then remain cooperative. You should maintain valid ID proof and nothing else apart from what is asked for and those within legal purviews. Remember that as long as you have valid I.D. proof and are not indulging in any unlawful act, you have the right to stay at a hotel as an unmarried couple. Do not hesitate, rather get a legal advisor if you feel your right is being violated.

Hotel - Dos and Don'ts

Do check if the hotel is a couple-friendly one and if they allow unmarried couples. First, check the location of the hotel and make certain it's in a safe and convenient area. Besides, ensure that some photos from the hotels themselves are drawn to and opinions offered; they will help make up your mind. But pay attention at the time of the hotel's check-in and check-out, at the cancellation policy, and additional charges.

Always book your room well in advance and online: To avoid questions that will lead to embarrassment, make sure that you have booked your hotel room online and way earlier. This way, you mind security and compare prices, get to know if rooms are available and check reviews written by other guests. Look for hotels that are very clear that they accommodate couples.

Safety checks

Be cautious about the hidden cameras. On checking in the hotel room, check for hidden cameras in common areas like mirrors, fans, electronic items, or smoke detectors. Switch off the lights and if you observe any sort of blinking lights around you, then that could be a camera. Use your phone's torch feature on corners, walls, and other things that seem suspicious to you. Also check that your room locks are working properly and, instead of switches, keys are for the same hotel; otherwise, you must shift your room.

Always make sure that your partner and you both want to book a room and have a good time! No one should be forced to do so, against their will. As a reminder, do not forget to bring along a condom for a good and safe experience.

Remember, take care of each other and enjoy your time together in the comfort of the hotel room!

To protect the identity, the person in the picture is a model and names have been changed. 

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