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How to have sex without condom?

Love and relationships
Caught you! Happy April Fool's Day! There is NO pleasurable sex without SAFE sex! So stop looking for such ways and methods. Instead, read tips for pleasure with condoms on the wonderful articles we have compiled below.

India abortion law set to change

Birth Control
Abortion has been legal in India since 1971. But it comes with a set of conditions. The law is about to be revised and eases the conditions on abortion but a few challenges remain. Let’s take you through the key changes to the law.

How to use condoms

Birth Control
Wondering how to use condoms? Here's a quick guide to putting on male and female condoms.

‘Doctors don’t handle unmarried women well’

If you had to go for an abortion tomorrow, what would be the few things that would come to your mind? Love Matters India asked this question to young people from across India. Here's what they said...

What if someone saw you there?

‘Are you mad?’ Namit shouted at Ridhi when she told him that she was going with Shweta to support her during an abortion. Ridhi was torn - help her best friend or listen to her boyfriend?. What would you do? - Kya Doge Saath?

I chose abortion to give my daughter a better future

Overcoming the family pressure to try for a son, who would 'carry' the family name forward, Malini decided to abort her unplanned pregnancy - to give her daughter a better future.

'I had to answer uncomfortable questions'

Unsure about being pregnant?
This video is part of a global campaign “Step Into Our Stories, Step Into Our Shoes” for access to safe and legal abortion by Love Matters in partnership with WGNRR.

She & She: Top 5 Myths about lesbian sex

Sexual Orientation
Many misconceptions float around when it comes to lesbian sex. Join us as we try and tackle some of these myths!

What makes June so special?

Sexual Diversity
June is celebrated as the Pride month all over the world. It’s a month of celebration, unity and the time to paint the town with rainbow colours. Want to know more? Read on!

Five ways to save the planet while having sex!

Making Love
Does having sex affect environment in any way? Yes! If you love your planet but also love having sex, here are some tips to go eco-friendly.

‘He is at home all day, so...’

Love and relationships
Domestic abuse and violence saw a sharp rise during the COVID-19 linked lockdowns globally. In India too, the numbers doubled. Love Matters India brings you stories of despair from across the country.

What is Copper T?

Birth Control
The Copper-T or Copper IUD, which is often sold under the name 'Multiload' is a non-hormonal birth control device that sits in your uterus or womb. It’s a t-shaped piece of plastic wrapped with a coil of copper-wire. That's why some people call it the 'coil'.