Masturbation for women: How to start?

Masturbation for women: How to start?

Should you insert something in your vagina or stimulate the clitoris? Is using a sex toy (a dildo, vibrator etc) - a good idea to masturbate or is there any other way? If you are a woman and new to masturbation, this article is for you!

Masturbation is a completely normal and healthy sexual activity that can be enjoyable and fulfilling for people of all genders, including women. There isn't a single correct way to masturbate, as it's a highly individual and personal experience. What works best for one person may not be the same for another. We can provide some tips that may be helpful to reach you to the big O

Privacy and comfort

Find a private and comfortable space where you can relax and focus on your own pleasure. Maybe your bedroom or bathroom, where no one disturbs you for at least 30 minutes ( or more if you wish!) You don’t want to be interrupted in the middle of an orgasm! 

Explore your body! 

Take the time to explore your own body - your vagina, thighs, clitoris, breasts. Women hardly get time to feel themselves or see their vaginas in the mirror. See, feel, touch, caress, enjoy your body parts. Understanding what feels good for you is key to a satisfying experience. If needed, use lubrication to enhance comfort and pleasure. There are many different types of lubricants available for personal use. Otherwise, your saliva is your best friend! 

Mind and body connection

Focus on your fantasies, desires, or erotic thoughts. Engaging your mind in the process can enhance your experience. You can also watch or read something erotic to fuel up the excitement. 

Different techniques for female masturbation 

There are various ways to stimulate yourself, such as using your fingers, hands, or sex toys (if you're comfortable using them). Experiment with different techniques to see what you enjoy most. Let’s find out more about them!  

Clitoral stimulation 

Many women find clitoral stimulation to be very pleasurable. You can gently rub or use circular motions around the clitoral area, or try different speeds and pressures to discover what works best for you. Circle your clitoris with your fingers or glide over it gently. Becoming aroused makes your vagina lubricated. Your clitoris swells and firms up during arousal. You can use your body's natural lubrication to enhance the sensitivity of your clitoris. Massaging or caressing your clitoris can lead to a sexual climax.

If you notice your clitoris being overly responsive to touch, consider tracing your fingers at a soft pace around the clitoris. But if more stimulus is needed, increase the pressure and speed of your fingers around your clitoris. For variation, try inserting one or more fingers into your vagina while using your other hand's fingers to stimulate the clitoris.

You can also use a handheld shower head, to direct the stream from the shower head around your clitoris. Using a sex toy like a vibrator on your clitoris can also help get an orgasm. 

Vaginal penetration 

Some women enjoy internal penetration and stimulation using fingers or sex toys. Make sure to use plenty of lubrication to avoid discomfort. Putting a dildo in your vagina can help you achieve that satisfaction. Some people use suitable-shaped fruits or vegetables instead. It's more hygienic if you cover it with a condom. 

Vaginal and clitorial stimulation 

Use your hands for simultaneous stimulation of your vagina and clitoris or you can combine the use of a sex toy with your fingers. When you stimulate both the clitoris and the vagina, particularly the G-spot, simultaneously, it can result in an intense orgasmic experience, which might lead to a stronger orgasm or even some squirting ( ejaculation with liquid -  usually urine) in some females.

Women’s sources of pleasure during masturbation can be diverse and can evolve over time. While engaging in self-pleasure, it's common to have thoughts and fantasies that arouse you. These fantasies can range from something as simple as the clothes you're currently wearing to specific individuals or even elaborate scenarios that excite you. It's important to note that these fantasies are a normal and healthy part of sexual expression. 

Anal stimulation 

Some women also enjoy stimulating their anus. You can use your fingers or a sex toy for this. The rest of the process remains the same. Use a lot of lube as that area is dry and sensitive, experiment with various methods and then see how you orgasm! 

Also, you can stimulate your inner thighs, nipples, ears, neck, and other erogenous zones of your body by pulling, pinching, tugging, rubbing or as you like. These body parts are known as pleasurable spots that can help you with stimulation and building up excitement. 

Furthermore, it's not unusual to fantasize about activities that you may not have any intention of pursuing in real life. These fantasies serve as a way to explore your desires, experiment with different scenarios, and enjoy your imagination. Your thoughts and fantasies during masturbation are a private and personal aspect of your sexuality and don't necessarily reflect your real-life preferences or intentions.

To protect the identity, the person in the picture is a model and names have been changed. 

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