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Rules and risks of online sex

Online sex can be fun but also risky. Here's a round-up on the rules and risks involved.


  • Agree beforehand whether you are prepared to allow the other person to record webcam video or stills.
  • If you allow the other person to record video or stills, agree that you will never share them with other people. You will therefore never upload them onto the internet.
  • Make sure your face is never visible in the picture. Then you will not be recognisable if the pictures do end up on the internet.

Be aware you can never know whether someone is recording the images from your webcam or not. And you can never know what will happen to the recording. You could easily find a video of you has been uploaded to a porn site. Pictures or video of you can end up floating around on the internet for years, being viewed by thousands of people. 


Fakers: people who use fake photos or videos. These people pretend to be someone else. When they put on the webcam, you see a video of someone else, and the faker pretends it’s him or her. The faker could be an old man, pretending to be someone of your age.
Fake model scouts: people who pretend to be model scouts who try to tempt you with promises. They flatter you that you would be perfect as a model, but first they need you to take your clothes off for the webcam…
Stalkers: people who follow you, hassle you, pester you for sex or threaten you, and won’t stop. If you reveal too much about yourself on the internet – perhaps your surname or where you live – they know where to find you and then won’t leave you alone.
Players: a person who pretends to take you seriously but is actually only interested in sex. Online they just want to gain your confidence to try and get you to take your clothes off. During chat they pay you a lot of attention and listen carefully to you, and give you a lot of compliments. Once you’ve taken your clothes off, they don’t react any more. They aren’t interested in you any more, and you feel used.
Pimps: Pimps can use the internet to try and recruit people into prostitution. They can try to get you in their power by making you fall in love with them. You think they care about you, but actually they just want to force you into prostitution and take the money you earn. At first they seem caring, but then they turn nasty or violent and force you to have sex with other men for money. Pimps use the internet to try and track down victims.


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