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How to have sex without risk of pregnancy?

Birth Control
Hi Aunty ji, I want to have sex with my girlfriend on her safe days, can you suggest how we can find those out? Chirag, 23, Guwahati

My ex-bf posted our intimate pics online. Help!

Love and relationships
Hello Auntyji, I broke up with my boyfriend last month. He wanted me to resume our relationship. When I refused, he put some of our intimate pictures online. What should I do? Geeta, 21 years, Meerut.

I am teased for being too girly, help!

Sexual Diversity
I am a 17-year-old boy and people tease me for my mannerisms, calling me a girl. Please help. Ankush, 17, Chennai

How should I convince parents to not take dowry?

Love and relationships
I do not want to take dowry from the family of the girl I am about to marry. How do I explain it to her parents and mine? Sandarbh, 22, Buxar.

I have a ‘gent’s problem’, who should I see?

Our Bodies
Hi Auntyji, I have a male sexual health issue but I am not sure which doctor to consult. Sharad, 26, Ludhiana.

What’s wrong with a little smoking?

Love and relationships
Hi Aunty ji, my friend from school smokes cigarettes and also does nasha (drugs). I tried one time and really liked it. He says nothing will happen and I also like the feeling I get. Do you think it’s alright if I smoked just a bit everyday?

Saksham, 19, Champaran

Are women pregnant when they faint and vomit?

Hi Auntyji, are women pregnant when they vomit and faint? I saw it in a movie recently. Harkirat, 19, Ludhiana.

Will my breasts grow too big if I don’t wear a bra soon?

Our Bodies
Hi Auntyji... I see many girls wear a bra in my class but I don't wear it yet. My friend was telling me that if do not wear one too soon, I would end up losing the shape of my breasts or they will become huge? Is it true? Manmeet, 16, Guwahati.

My best friend told everyone I kissed a boy! Help!

Love and relationships
I kissed a boy and shared my secret with my best girlfriend. She has now told everyone about us. I am being teased and called a chalu ladki. Kaushiki, 18, Bihar.

I do not orgasm with my partner. Please help!

Making Love
I don’t get an orgasm while having sex with my partner, but I am able to get one only when I masturbate. Should I fake one when we make out? Kalyani, 26, Patna

Should I date a guy shorter in height?

Love and relationships
Hi Auntyji, a guy has proposed to me. I find him interesting but he is shorter in height than me. I am a bit awkward about taking this further. Sejal, 24, Ahmedabad.

My aunt is flirting with me, help!

Love and relationships
Hi Auntyji, an aunt keeps dropping sexual hints at me. What should I do? Amit, 22, Kanpur.