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Sex on last day of periods - Can she get pregnant?

Auntyji, I had sex with my girlfriend without a condom but it was the last day of her period. Can having sex during periods lead to pregnancy? Sahil, 22, Delhi.

Auntyji, does period pain stop after marriage?

Our Bodies
Hi Aunty ji, my period days are horrible. I have unbearable pain during my periods - so much so that I am not able to attend my college classes and have to sit at home for all five days. However, when I tell my mother to take me to a doctor, she says it's normal and everything will be ok after marriage. Is it true? Sarika, 20.

What's your new year resolution, Auntyji?

Love and relationships
Hi Aunty ji! Happy New Year! We all talk about new year resolutions. So I wanted to know what your new year resolution is? Anurag, Lucknow.

Is abortion a sin?

Hi Auntyji, I am just so confused. Is abortion like killing a baby? Wouldn’t the baby feel the pain? It does have a heartbeat, right? Isn’t it a sin then? Manya, Delhi.

Shani ki dasha this year, what to do?

Love and relationships
Hi Aunty ji, my horoscope says this year is not good for any relationships, what to do? Ankita, 22, Baroda.

How to be sexy this year?

Love and relationships
Hi Aunty ji, what’s your new year resolution and what’s your advice for all your fans? Mahesh, 21, Madurai

I have erection problems – what are your tips Auntyji?

Sex Problems: how to overcome them
It’s embarrassing but I am having serious problems with getting erections. Not always but sometimes. This wasn’t the case earlier though. Am I getting some condition? What can I do? It’s really embarrassing! Help! – Sushil (28), Mumbai.

Will I be able to conceive after an abortion?

Hi Auntyji.. I just found out that I am pregnant and need to go for an abortion as I am not ready for the responsibility of a child. I fear I may not be able to conceive in the future. Is that true? I hope not. Madhu, 22 years, XXXX

Should I feel guilty after an abortion?

Unsure about being pregnant?
My girlfriend and I opted for an abortion. We weren’t ready to have a child. But now we feel guilty about the whole thing. Was our decision wrong? Ravi (22), Bhopal.

I feel attracted to older women, help!

Making Love
Is it normal if you want to have sex with women who are much older than you? I have already had sex with many older ladies in their 30s and 40s. What should I do? Sameer, 21, Saharanpur.

When can we have sex after her abortion?

Unsure about being pregnant?
My girlfriend just had an abortion. I want to know in how many days she may be able to conceive again. Also, I am feeling kind of upset about the whole thing... so help me out here, please. Ishaan (23), Lucknow.

Can I find true love again?

Love and relationships
Hi Aunty ji, I broke up with my boyfriend of five years, two months ago. I thought he was my true love but things didn't go well. But my friends tell me to date again? Can we find true love a second time? Abhya, 26, Haldwani.