Can having sex during periods lead to pregnancy?
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Sex on last day of periods - Can she get pregnant?

By Auntyji Thursday, May 2, 2024 - 12:03
Auntyji, I had sex with my girlfriend without a condom but it was the last day of her period. Can having sex during periods lead to pregnancy? Sahil, 22, Delhi.

Hello Sahil puttar, Arey wah, you’ve come to Auntyji with such an important question! Well, first things first, let me give you a little motherly advice – it’s always risky to have unprotected sex, no matter what day of the month it is. So, always think of safety first, beta. 

A drop of sperm can create havoc

So you thought having sex during her period was safe, haan? Sahil puttar, just pause right there! I've heard many such stories where young couples think they can outsmart nature. But do you remember that iconic dialogue, "Ek chutki sindoor ki kimat tum kya jano Ramesh Babu!" Just like that tiny bit of sindoor, even a little drop (chutki) of sperm has its consequences.

Now, listen carefully, my boy. Even if it's the last day of her period, there's still a slim chance of pregnancy. Yes, even then! Though the chances are lower, they aren’t zero. And in Auntyji’s book, even a 1% risk is too high when it comes to such big life impacts. 

No ‘safe’ day exists without contraception, beta. And during her cycle, there might be days when she’s super fertile, making it even easier to conceive.

But why? 

Let me break it down for you with some science:

  1. Sperm remains active: Beta, your sperm can outlast even the most extended battery life – surviving up to 5 days inside a woman! So, if you have sex towards the end of her period and she ovulates soon after, those active little swimmers can meet the egg.
  2. Ovulation timing: Every woman’s cycle is a bit different, and sometimes ovulation can happen sooner than you think. If she has a short cycle, the window for getting pregnant opens wider.
  3. Irregular periods: Sometimes stress or health issues can throw her cycle out of whack, increasing the chances of pregnancy during what you thought was a ‘safe’ period.

Sex after periods safe? 

Absolutely not, puttar ji! If her period ends and you two have sex without condom, you might just hit the fertility window. Especially in a typical cycle where fertility peaks between days 11 and 21.

Let me paint you a picture: If the periods end on day 6, and you have sex on day 7, and she ovulates by day 11 – those hearty sperm are just waiting in the fallopian tubes like soldiers, ready to fulfil their duty of meeting the egg and have pregnancy!

So, my dear Sahil, always remember – no excuses for skipping the condom, and definitely no good reason to avoid contraceptives. And oh, unprotected sex during periods could also increase the risk of infections.

But remember! 

Every woman’s cycle is unique, so it’s tricky to pin down exact safe days. Always play it safe, use protection, and keep those big decisions well-thought-out. If you need more wisdom, you know where to find Auntyji!

Stay safe, and stay smart, puttar ji!

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