Your penis size is more than what you think!
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Your penis size is more than what you think!

Have you ever wondered about the actual length of a penis? It turns out that it's twice as long as it appears! A significant portion remains hidden inside the body. Don’t believe us, read on.

The hidden penis 

Men often worry about the length of their penis. One aspect that might surprise many is that the actual length of a penis is not what you see. Contrary to what meets the eye, a penis is twice as long as it appears externally. Now, you might be surprised to know that only half of the penis is visible on the outside. The other half is kind of like a secret agent working inside.

This hidden part has a really important job - it keeps everything connected and working properly in the male reproductive system. Think of it as the engine of a car that you don't see but is essential for the car to run smoothly.

Biology of penis 

Now, the inside of the penis has these funny-sounding names - "corpus cavernosum" and "corpus spongiosum." They might sound like something from a science fiction movie, but they're like special parts that help with important things.

penis size

The "corpus cavernosum" is like a superhero responsible for making sure everything gets firm and ready when needed - at the time of sex. On the other hand, the "corpus spongiosum" is like a bodyguard around a very important passage, making sure everything flows smoothly when you pass urine or semen. 

So, even though we can't see this hidden part of the penis, it's doing a fantastic job inside to keep everything in working order. 

penis size

Helping your erection 

Even though it might seem a bit strange that a big part of the penis is hidden inside, it's actually nature's clever way of making sure everything in the male body works smoothly. This hidden part helps in important processes like passing urine or making semen and ejaculation. 

Imagine it like a special feature in a machine that you can't see but is essential for it to run perfectly. This hidden extension, shaped like a boomerang, shows us how different parts of our bodies work together like a team. It's like a reminder that every piece of our body has a job, even if we can't see it.

Understanding this hidden part of the penis makes us realize how amazing our bodies are. So, when you're thinking about the size of a penis, remember: what you see is only half of it! The other half is tucked away inside, doing its job. 

Focus on the pleasure of your partner and not your size, next time! 

To protect the identity, the person in the picture is a model and names have been changed. 

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