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He gave me great orgasms but…

By Jyoti Thursday, November 10, 2022 - 16:24
Ananya loved Armaan. He cared about her and was always focused on giving her really good orgasms. However, he always hesitated to have penetrative sex. Ananya was confused. When he was so good at foreplay and oral sex, why did he avoid penetration? She shares her story with Love Matters India.

Ananya, 28, is a software engineer in Gurgaon. 

First-time sex

I was excited to meet Armaan alone, for the first time. After dating each other for months, we decided to have sex finally on that first Sunday of August. 

Initially, I was nervous but the moment he held me in my arms, I felt good. His breath touched my naked shoulders and his hands explored my breasts. I felt intoxicated by his touch. Slowly he undressed me and cupped my breasts in his hands to kiss them. It was a heavenly feeling. Then he touched my vagina and I could not control myself. I started moaning loudly as his fingers kept exploring the insides of me. 

Best orgasm ever

He not only increased his speed of fingering me but also bent down and kissed me there. While his fingers penetrated my vagina, his mouth kissed my clitoris. That was it for me! I kept caressing his hair and soon orgasmed. It was the most satisfying and pleasurable sex I just experienced. After this, we both hugged each other and fell asleep. I wanted to meet him again and live it again. 

I still remember the second time we met when one day his breath touched me. We both felt the sexual chemistry so strongly. After that, I took him to my house, where we sat holding each other's hands. Soon our clothes were off and his fingers repeated the magic that they did the first time. 

I wanted to do the same to him but we kept on kissing each other endlessly. 

After some time we both got tired and slept. This feeling was so sweet and intoxicating and I wanted to feel him inside me now. I tried to ask him but he was already asleep. After a while, I too fell asleep.

But pants always up

We loved each other, continued talking on the phone, meeting at his or my place and then making out too! But the moment I unzipped his pants, he would say, not now! Was he not ready to have penetrative sex with me? 

The next morning I talked to my friend about this, ‘I can't understand Armaan. He is just too good at foreplay and even makes me have an orgasm often, but why does he not want to have sex?’

She too was confused and asked me to propose going out with him. Maybe he will be more comfortable then? 

I said ok and hung up the phone. After that, I called Armaan and asked, ‘Can we both go out somewhere next week? To this, he said, ‘Okay.

‘I would like to stay with you and be in a live-in relationship soon. Maybe after this trip? What do you think about this?’ I quietly asked him. 

On hearing this, he remained silent for some time and then said, ‘I have no problem but one thing I want to tell you is that I have some problem with me. I do not know how to share this with  you’.

‘What is it, Armaan? Do you have cancer? OMG! Are you going to die soon? Please tell me that’s not true!’ I was worried now! 

His serious tone changed. He laughed a bit and then said, ‘Na, I am fine that way. No cancer. You are too filmy! It’s something else related to sex.’

‘C'mon. You can tell me anything. I am here for you,’ I assured him. 

 ‘I can not penetrate you and have sex. I have a sex issue. It is called erectile dysfunction,’ he finally said. 

The secret was out 

I did not know what to say. I had never heard about this issue or that it existed. Just probably read about it on roadside posters maybe. So I needed some time. I was silent for a while then said, ‘Okay, no problem’. 

He then hung up the phone. 

I only had one question on my mind. For about two days I thought, was it such a big problem? All I need is love and some orgasms, and he gives me such good orgasms. Was there a need to penetrate really? 

After that, I Googled and gathered all the information and called him. ‘Tickets to Manali are confirmed. I want to stay with you, no matter what! Provided you continue to give me wonderful orgasms too! And when we come back, let’s go to a doctor together.’

His sweet voice came from the other side, ‘I love you Ananya’. 

To protect the identity, the person in the picture is a model and names have been changed. 

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