Can she be pregnant?
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How could she get pregnant!

Mithun and Ruchi masturbated each other and after two days she called to tell him that she was pregnant. Mithun was shocked. What exactly happened?

Mithun is a 24-year-old school teacher who works in Delhi. 

Facials at her parlour 

After completing my three-year teacher training course in Delhi, I got a job as a primary school teacher. It was at this time that I met Ruchi. She worked at the beauty parlour which was on the ground floor of a building close to where I stayed. 

I went there and asked the price of the cheapest facial. ‘That will be one hundred and twenty rupees, sir, ‘ the reception lady told me and I took out my wallet to pay the bill. I smiled at Ruchi and said that I would like her to do my facial. She smiled back and later during talks, I came to know her name and her background. 

There were some obvious differences between us. She started working as a beautician right after her schooling from a Hindi medium school in her village. The first time she learnt English was when she came to Delhi to work in the parlour. Western wear became her thing and traditional ones were kept in the trunk and with time, her skills to be around with people had improved. 

Getting cosy 

From just being her client who came for weekly head wash and facials, I became more interested in her as a working woman who is living on her own in Delhi. 

This interest somehow moved us into a relationship which was a surprise for both of us. Every Sunday of hers was spent in my flat where we cooked food and watched movies. That was how we came together but it was only after a month when I realised that we were an inappropriate fit for each other.

As usual, we were watching a movie on a Sunday evening and things became a little cosy and we started kissing. We moved on to touching each other’s privates and before we knew, clothes were in a corner of the room and were a pair of naked bodies wrapped together. 

Remembering that there was no condom, I told Ruchi that we can masturbate each other. She agreed. We had a good time. 

‘I am pregnant’ 

Two days later Ruchi called me to tell me that she might be pregnant. In my mind, I was wondering how come she could get pregnant with foreplay and genital rubbing? When I told her this, she replied that any physically close contact between a man and a woman might lead to pregnancy. 

I was shocked to hear this but I kept my calm and told her to not worry and trust me. We talked about it and I explained to her all about sex that I knew. The matter was cleared but since then, she never came to my flat and said that she has to keep control over herself. 

I first thought of giving it another shot but it was best to leave her on her own. Her lack of knowledge about sex also worried me. If she didn't quite know what she was doing, it wasn’t probably the best idea to be in a physical relationship with her. 

I never called her back. Nor did she  and we moved out of each other’s life.

To protect the identity, the person in the picture is a model and names have been changed. 

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