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Vaginal itching: Causes, symptoms and remedies

Got the sudden and dire need to itch down there? It’s bothering you so much that you can’t focus on anything. Let’s find out what could be the reason and what can help.

How to increase sex time

Khushi and Aman are getting hot and sexy in bed, things are beginning to get steamier; Khushi feels the rush in her body and is looking forward to a good session. Soon Aman enters her and he climaxes! Looks like a scene from your bedroom? Read on.

‘He hugs his pillow after sex’

Once the sex is over, Chetan turns to the other side of the bed and falls asleep while Reeta craves for a cuddly talk. Is it too much to ask for? She shared her desires with Love Matters India.

Going for an abortion? Read this first

Feeling scared and wondering what to expect when you terminate your pregnancy or have an abortion? Love Matters spoke to gynaecologists to tell you all the essentials before you or a loved one decide to go for a medical abortion.

Sara tells us how it's done!

Finding a partner and falling in love is a wonderful experience. But was it hard for Sara to find a partner because of her disability? She spoke to Love Matters about her relationship with Mayank and shared the amazing tips that you must read.

‘He comes to my room secretly'

Finding time and space for sex in a joint family? How does that work? Love Matters India asked six Indian couples. You'll be surprised to read what they said!

Missed periods: Here are the top causes

Missed your period this month? Worried what could be the cause? Relax! There could be many reasons other than pregnancy. Let’s find out.

Jab Mohit met Ankit

They look amazing together, have a huge fan following on social media and have even done a music video together. We are talking about Mohit and Ankit, who are popularly known as #HitAnk. Mohit spoke to Love Matters India to share how he met this ‘cute guy’ Ankit and fell in love with him.

Life still very hard for LGBTQIA+ community

It has been close to two years since homsexuality was declared legal in India. Life is still hard for couples from the LGBTQIA+ community, as they do not enjoy the same rights and freedoms as their heterosexual counterparts. Let’s see what these challenges are:

What makes June so special?

June is celebrated as the Pride month all over the world. It’s a month of celebration, unity and the time to paint the town with rainbow colours. Want to know more? Read on!

Five ways to save the planet while having sex!

Does having sex affect environment in any way? Yes! If you love your planet but also love having sex, here are some tips to go eco-friendly.

'Coming out in front of my class'

Arnav was tired of all the harassment and mockery he had to face because of his identity. One day he revealed his truth in front of the whole class. What happened next? He shared his story with Gaylaxy magazine.