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Going for an abortion? Read this first

Feeling scared and wondering what to expect when you terminate your pregnancy or have an abortion? Love Matters spoke to gynaecologists to tell you all the essentials before you or a loved one decide to go for a medical abortion.

‘Doctors don’t handle unmarried women well’

If you had to go for an abortion tomorrow, what would be the few things that would come to your mind? Love Matters India asked this question to young people from across India. Here's what they said...

I feel attracted to older women, help!

Is it normal if you want to have sex with women who are much older than you? I have already had sex with many older ladies in their 30s and 40s. What should I do? Sameer, 21, Saharanpur.

Pills/herbs for better sex?

We bet you all have heard of pills like Viagra that promise to keep you going on and on or our desi jadi booti Shilajit that increases the ‘mardana taqat’. But ever wondered how safe these sexual performance enhancers are? Should you take them or not? Love Matters is here to answer all your queries.

How could she get pregnant!

Mithun and Ruchi masturbated each other and after two days she called to tell him that she was pregnant. Mithun was shocked. What exactly happened?

I was in Vikram's arms, but thinking of Priya!

Nisha lay awake in Vikram’s arms, thinking of Priya. She kissed a girl and loved it. Should she tell her husband about it?

For longer orgasms: Have you tried these toys?

Whether you like to go solo or enjoy sex with your partner, sex toys can add an extra layer of fun! To help you get started we bring you a rundown on the popular sex toys in the market.

We were caught almost nude!

Sia and Tarun waited for more than five hours to get together at his home and make love but just when they had undressed, someone entered the room. Who was it? What happened next? Read the story to find out!

Breastfeeding – top facts

Why is breastfeeding so important? What can I do to increase my breast milk supply? My baby can’t latch! Have more such questions? Read this article.

Can I find true love again?

Hi Aunty ji, I broke up with my boyfriend of five years, two months ago. I thought he was my true love but things didn't go well. But my friends tell me to date again? Can we find true love a second time? Abhya, 26, Haldwani.

Phimosis - All I needed was a quick surgery!

Arpan, 21, was very happy when he got selected for his dream government job but when he went for the medical examination, he was told to have a small penis surgery to get his Phimosis corrected. What is Phimosis? Let’s hear Arpan’s experience.

'Roommates are like couples'

When Parth left his home to study engineering, he was apprehensive about who his roommate would be in the hostel. His father convinced him that roommates are like couples. What happens when he gets stuck in that situation literally?