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Falling in love (with myself)

Sexual Diversity
‘Waking up to messages like, ‘Hey, beautiful’, and being stared at during video calls, even when I’m not wearing kajal, made me fall in love with myself a little more... When you live with a disability, you want to be with someone who loves you with your disability, not in spite of it,’ says Sweta, as she shares her story with Rising Flame.

When I got slapped for ‘May I’!

Love and relationships
First he didn’t know what consent was. And when he asked for it, he got slapped! Asking consent is tricky but necessary. Should you ask for it or go with the flow? Abhishek shares his story and tips on how to get consent right with Love Matters India.

Dating with disability in the times of COVID!

Sexual Diversity
‘We had our speaking days and non speaking days but I feel that COVID was indeed the testing time that brought us closer and made us more sensitive to our imperfections, differences, and desires,’ Nidhi Goyal, shares her story with Love Matters India.

When Corona arranged our marriage!

Love and relationships
When Kabir’s parents tried to arrange his match with Akansha, he had a mental block against arranged marriages. But things took a different turn when both of them started talking to each other during the lockdown. What happened next was a complete surprise! Kabir shares his story with Love Matters India!

He/she is 17 – Can we have sex if we both agree?

Making Love
Teenage is an exciting phase. You’re transitioning into adulthood and coming into your own. Part of this growing up experience is the curiosity around sex. While some may still be stumbling upon the details of what, if, oh, ok.... while others may be ready to try things out. However, if you live in India and are not yet 18 or your partner is not yet 18, there are a few things you need to know.

Annilingus – Dos and Don’ts

Making Love
Butt munching. Ass eating. Rimming. Known by many names, annilingus is an advanced act of sexual pleasuring that is definitely not for the squeamish and faint-hearted. But if you can get over your inhibitions, embrace your body and feel comfortable enough with a partner to let them go down on your A-hole, you can truly discover new levels of carnal pleasure.

‘Don’t listen to me, just do it!’

Jyoti wanted to have sex at the dawn of 2021. It was her first time. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to do it. Yet she asked Rishab to carry on. Why? Jyoti shared her New Year experience with Love Matter India.

What is an ectopic pregnancy?

An ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy in which an embryo/fertilised egg grows in a location other than the inner lining of the uterus. Such a pregnancy is complicated if left unattended and can prove fatal.