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It's not the size but how you do it that matters

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Penis size is very important for boys because for them it shows their masculinity. Sometimes boys become so serious about their penis size, that they are unable to enjoy their love life. Something similar happened with Vikram and Sneha. Let us know his story..

Sex on last day of periods - Can she get pregnant?

Auntyji, I had sex with my girlfriend without a condom but it was the last day of her period. Can having sex during periods lead to pregnancy? Sahil, 22, Delhi.

The G-spot for Boys - Frenulum of the Penis

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You may have often heard that there is a spot in a girl's vagina (G-spot/clitoris) that, when touched or stroked, leads to quick orgasm/pleasure. But did you know that there is something similar in boys too? It's called the frenulum! In this article, we will give you all the information related to the frenulum. So let's find out!

Is it ok for unmarried couples to stay at hotels?

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You doubt whether an unmarried couple is permitted by the law to check into a hotel together. Look out here for some smart tips that will ensure you a nice and smooth time.

Why do men get erection during sleep?

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Many men experience erections during the night while they are sleeping. It is common for a healthy man to have 3 to 5 erections in one night while sleeping. Is this normal? Why does it happen? Let’s understand more in this article.

Is sex a fun option to burn calories?

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If you also want to burn calories but prefer staying in bed rather than going to the gym, then why not do something stormy in bed? Does sex help in burning calories? Is there truth in this? Let us find out!

Your penis size is more than what you think!

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Have you ever wondered about the actual length of a penis? It turns out that it's twice as long as it appears! A significant portion remains hidden inside the body. Don’t believe us, read on.

What is the start and stop technique in sex?

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You may have often heard that if someone suffers from the problem of premature ejaculation, they can benefit from the start and stop method. It not only helps delay the ejaculation for men but also in turn increases the sex time for the couple overall. But what exactly is it and how can it be done? Let’s find out in detail in today’s article.