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Sex is better when wet: Best homemade lubes

Making Love
Did you know that sex is always better when wet? Most couples who face pain or dryness while having sex can simply make the experience pleasant by using a lubricant. You can either buy them in the market or use something homemade! In this article we will tell you about some home made lubes. So, glide right in!

Consent in online dating: What it really means

Love and relationships
Tina and Parth connected on a dating site during pandemic lockdowns and hit it off. After months of dating each other online, they decided to meet. Just before their meeting, Parth sent Tina a picture of his genitals, asking, ‘Would you like to see this up close too?’. Tina did not show up and blocked him from everywhere. What went wrong?

Man boobs – What causes them and how to get rid?

Our Bodies
For men, developing man boobs, or moobs as they’re popularly called, can open the floodgates for stigma and judgment, leading to body image and self-esteem issues. Let's focus on helping you understand what causes some men to develop breasts and how it can be prevented.

‘Mom, can I buy a sex toy?’

Sexual Diversity
Naina, a girl with disability, thought of buying a sex toy. But was it easy? Will her mom agree? Will she be able to use it properly? She had so many questions. But there was only one way to find out - to take the plunge. She shares her experience with Love Matters India.

Birth control pills: Debunking myths

Birth Control
Are birth control pills not safe for younger women? Can they hinder the chances of getting pregnant in future? What is a myth and what is a fact when it comes to taking birth control pills? This article is all about debunking some myths.

Beginner's guide to birth control pills

Birth Control
What are birth control pills? Are there a variety of them? If yes, which one should you use? What about all the side-effects you have heard about? To help you get answers to all your questions, we spoke to Maj (Dr) Sameena Parikh (retd), MS, PGDMLS, about birth control pills at length.

Is abortion a sin?

Hi Auntyji, I am just so confused. Is abortion like killing a baby? Wouldn’t the baby feel the pain? It does have a heartbeat, right? Isn’t it a sin then? Manya, Delhi.

COVID-19 disease - Answers to your questions

Love and relationships
Love Matters India organised five youth consultations across the country on the Coronavirus Pandemic. In these consultations, concerns and challenges caused by the pandemic were discussed with college students. Lockdown, school/college closures, illness in the family, financial difficulties and vaccine hesitancy featured in the discussion. Love Matters also compiled a list of questions young people had on their minds with regard to the pandemic. On this page, we are publishing answers to the questions asked during the consultations.