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How to change name or gender on mark sheets?

Love and relationships
Akash, a transman, changed his gender and name but his school and college certificates still bear his birth name. Whenever he has to appear in a job interview, it becomes tough to prove that the documents are his. Can he change his name and gender on his mark sheets? Let's find out.

How to legally change your gender/name?

Sexual Diversity
Changed your gender/name but that ID card still has the same old details? How can you change your name and gender legally? Let’s help you find out.

‘Was my vagina tight for him?’

Our Bodies
‘But there was a secret. A secret that I hadn’t revealed to Jithin yet. I was achingly waiting for Jithin to come and hold me, but was also scared about what could happen next,’ Hina told Love Matters India as she shared her story.

‘Addicted’ to Masturbation? Here’s what you can do!

Our Bodies
‘I masturbate 4-5 times a day, is it too much!’, ‘I want to stop masturbating every day’ ‘How to control the urge to masturbate?’ ‘How much is too much?’ If some of these questions are on your mind, Love Matters has some helpful tips and tricks for you.

I froze my eggs!

Anika wanted to be a mother. But not before she had accomplished her career goals and met the right person. She shares her story with Love Matters India writer Arpit Chikkara about how she secured her plans for motherhood by getting her eggs frozen.

How I discovered my clit!

Our Bodies
When Preeti first found out about her clitoris and how pleasurable it felt to touch there, she felt guilty instead of feeling happy. How did she discover it? She shares her story with Love Matters India.

A woman-only group by Love Matters

Love and relationships
Welcome to Ladies Compartment - we are sure you must have heard this name! Yes, right; the special coach in a train that is just reserved for the ladies or women. So just like that, Love Matters India has launched a women-only Facebook and WhatsApp group, Let’s find out more about it and how to join it ( only if you are a female)!

Ugly break-up? Here’s what you can do

Love and relationships
Scared of your ex-partner after a recent break-up? Fear that he/she might threaten you or leak your private pictures? While breakups are never pleasant, when things take such an ugly turn, the negativity stemming from it can harm you permanently. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, we’re here with some tips.