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He told me I was cute and then kissed me!

Sexual Diversity
When Manav proposed to Akshay on the last day of school, he rejected outright. However, little did he know the real reason for the rejection. What happened next? Manav shared his story with Love Matters India.

When I first kissed a woman

Sexual Diversity
When Palak moved in with Roohi as her roommate, she really liked her a lot. One day Roohi asked her if she had ever kissed a woman. Want to know what happened next? Read their story below.

I have erection problems – what are your tips Auntyji?

Sex Problems: how to overcome them
It’s embarrassing but I am having serious problems with getting erections. Not always but sometimes. This wasn’t the case earlier though. Am I getting some condition? What can I do? It’s really embarrassing! Help! – Sushil (28), Mumbai.

When I lost my desire for oral sex!

Making Love
When Mayank was about to go down on Pallavi, something strange happened that put Mayank off oral sex. He shares his story and dilemma with Love Matters India.

My first kiss - Where was the magic!

Making Love
Rajat had never kissed a girl before and he really looked forward to an unforgettable experience. When he got a chance to experience his first kiss with Pragya, he was in for a surprise. Read his story to find out more.

Sex within the family – Points to consider

Love and relationships
Sex with a family member - At Love Matters, we receive many questions on this topic on our Discussion Board. So let’s talk about it.

‘Our first kiss was magical!'

Love and relationships
Aman loved Kartik and experienced his many firsts with him - first proposal, first kiss and much more. He shares his story with Love Matters India.

‘All he thinks about is himself’

Love and relationships
When Aditya asked Kanika to be online everyday to talk to him and reserve all her time for him, she felt special and cared for. But soon, Aditya’s behaviour became too much for her. Was he trying to control her?