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I wish for a guy who can do this!

Love and relationships
What kind of partner does a girl want in her life? Should he be a romantic or be a friend? Should he be good in bed or in the kitchen? Let’s hear from Sumi. She shared her wish list with Love Matters India!

He gave me great orgasms but…

Making Love
Ananya loved Armaan. He cared about her and was always focused on giving her really good orgasms. However, he always hesitated to have penetrative sex. Ananya was confused. When he was so good at foreplay and oral sex, why did he avoid penetration? She shares her story with Love Matters India.

Was I too eager to have sex?

Making Love
‘We were struggling to even breathe as our lips and tongues thrust into one another. Our hands were all over each other enjoying every bit of it. I was in a trance. I didn’t want this feeling to end. But then I just couldn’t continue’, Astha recalls her first sexual experience. What got 17-year-old Aastha to question her readiness for sex? Let’s find out.

‘What if I had listened to him?’

Sneha, an intelligent girl from a small village in Bihar had high hopes of studying and becoming something in life. However, one small mistake changed her entire track in life. What was the decision that still haunts her?

Doctor said he was doing a favour

Komal was 15 when she got pregnant from a guy who cheated on her. When her mother took her to a doctor for an abortion, he charged an exorbitant amount of money saying he was doing them a favour by performing the ‘illegal act’ of abortion for an underage, unmarried girl.

A rape in the family

Ritu had been raped by a family member and needed an abortion. But Rani, an ANM in Bihar, could not have imagined that the story could be worse. She shares Ritu’s heartbreaking story with Love Matters India.

‘She is too young to be pregnant’

Naina, a 12-year-old girl from a small village in Bihar was being treated for acidity and gas for a couple of months when the issue was completely different. None of the doctors in the village could think that she could have been pregnant at such a young age. Rani, the local ANM, shares her story with Love Matters India.

‘But this is illegal’

The revised abortion law of India allows women in India to get an abortion without marriage, but is this law known to everyone in our country? Especially those who are working in this field - like Asha didi, Anganwadi workers and other people who are in a government hospital? Even today, when an unmarried girl comes to get an abortion in rural India, she is told that it is illegal. When 18-year-old Sonam from a small village in Bihar recently went there for an abortion, the same thing happened to her. Let's read this story.