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I never thought my first love would do this!

Love and relationships
Pakhi, sharing her story with Love Matters India, talks about her relationship that went from happy to hurtful when her boyfriend started making fun of her interests and dreams. With her sister's support, she found the courage to do something, which she thought was impossible. Read more to find out!

Sub dermal implants - All your doubts answered

Birth Control
In this article, we will answer all your questions and doubts regarding the new method of contraception called implants, also known as sub dermal or subcutaneous implants. So let’s get started.

If I pass urine after sex, will it prevent pregnancy?

Making Love
Hi Aunty ji, my boyfriend told me that if I urinate after having sex, there are no chances of pregnancy. I have heard this from my friends too. Is it true? Parul, 20, Jammu.

Scared of ‘performing’ during sex?

Making Love
Vicky was head over heels in love with his new wife, Isha. They had a beautiful relationship before marriage and dated for several months. However, there was a tiny cloud casting a shadow on their otherwise blissful days - Vicky could not get an erection during sex. Let’s find out in detail why it happened and what can be done!

On our first-night, husband did not like my vagina

Making Love
Sonam had envisioned a movie-like wedding, imagining her husband Vicky lifting her veil on their first night. However, during the honeymoon, he surprisingly proposed anal sex instead of vaginal, leaving her with conflicting emotions. Curious about what Sonam's husband asked? Explore the story she shared with Love Matters.

When my husband got his ‘replacement’!

Making Love
One night, Priya's husband suddenly woke up and approached her with a box in his hands. This unexpected incident left Priya wondering what had come over her husband during their lovemaking. What was in that boy? Priya shares her interesting story with Love Matters.

Auntyji, does period pain stop after marriage?

Our Bodies
Hi Aunty ji, my period days are horrible. I have unbearable pain during my periods - so much so that I am not able to attend my college classes and have to sit at home for all five days. However, when I tell my mother to take me to a doctor, she says it's normal and everything will be ok after marriage. Is it true? Sarika, 20.

How to measure your penis?

Our Bodies
Many people are curious about the size of their penis and may wish to measure it. But what’s the right technique? Should you measure from top to bottom? What about the width? Do you have these questions in mind? And does size really matter? We have all the information right here for you.