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Being a male escort taught me what women want

Making Love
Nitin opted for an ‘offbeat’ job to pay his bills. He became a male escort. It landed him in a world where women ‘openly’ expressed their sexual wishes and desires. Nitin shares his story with Love Matters India.

I took out a condom and she cried!

Making Love
Nisha told Anish that she would bear the pain of sex only with someone who would stay with her for a lifetime. Was Anish ready for the saat janmo ka bandhan? He shares his story with Love Matters India.

My girlfriend wanted to explore other men

Love and relationships
Everything was going well for Prerna and Ankit until one day she told him that she wanted variety before settling in any relationship. Ankit shares his bittersweet story with Love Matters.

When I learnt the trick to orgasm

Our Bodies
Megha had no idea how women get to an orgasm. She turned to her friend Vinita who taught her the 'touchy touchy'. Megha tells Love Matters' writer Arpit Chikkara how she learnt to 'help herself' with the new trick and a dose of sexy imagination!

How popping ECP everytime messed up my gf’s body

Birth Control
Samaira and Angad always had sex without condoms. They loved the ‘raw sensation of pleasure’. Swallowing the emergency contraceptive pills (ECP) or i-pill every time after sex became their thing until one-day Samaira felt a sharp pain in her belly. Angad shares her story with Love Matters India.

‘Wait till you can vote’

Making Love
When Vihaan was with Chitra all he wanted was to have sex. And then suddenly he was thinking about not having a voter’s ID! What’s sex got to do with voting, Vihaan tells Love Matters India.

Thirty minutes and no ejaculation

Our Bodies
Aniket and Sameera were friends with benefits but one fine day, Aniket found the ‘benefit’ bit gone. What had taken the fun out of sex and even masturbation? Stress not, said the doctor in what was both his diagnosis and prescription.

Trouble pulling back the foreskin, here is why?

Our Bodies
In males, sometimes the foreskin of the penis can’t be pulled back. Relax, it is not a disease. The condition is called phimosis. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Young and female: Get your cervical shot now

Our Bodies
Cervical cancer is the fourth leading cause of death due to cancer in women. But there is good news. It is easily prevented via a vaccination. If you are a woman under 26, get yourself vaccinated now!

Lehenga check, shervani check, what about STDs?

Safe Sex
The right partner, the best fitting lehenga, the most awesome venue and a perfect honeymoon location. We plan a zillion things to get everything right for our D-Day. But do we ever check if our partners are sexually healthy? Shreya tells Love Matters India's Arpit Chikkara how she and Vishesh prepared for a happy married life by getting themselves checked for STDs.

I wasn’t ready to be a father at 22

Birth Control
‘We were friends with benefits and that’s all that we wanted. Suman’s unplanned pregnancy had scared Abhay a lot and he didn’t know whether to flee or fight. What would you do? -Kya Doge Saath?

My 'Half Girlfriend'

Love and relationships
Sarthak tells Love Matters India his zara hatke story with Megha and how lack of any commitments is what makes their relationship really tick.