'हम ने ये वक़्त अपने रिश्ते को ठीक करने में लगाया'

'We used the time to revive our relationship'

While Arpan was typing, Poonam came and put his hand on her t-shirt. Their boring relationship was getting recharged in the time of Corona lockdown. Read more about their story of rekindling old sparks.

Arpan, a 27-year-old professional is living in Delhi with his girlfriend. 

Eating from the same plate 

Being in a live-in relationship was one of the best decisions of my life. I am the kind of person who likes to physically be present with their partner. And to my surprise, Poonam also had the same mindset. No wonder we were together.

Half of the things between us were common while the rest half were complimentary. Like in the case of work. She was a dance therapist while I did data science research. It was all going good until we got too occupied with our individual lives.

After about one year of eating from the same plate and sleeping on the same bed, something felt missing in our relationship. Our friends told us that we’ve lost the spark and I could see it within myself at least. 

Living in but also losing out

We went through sex like a chore to be wrapped up. Talking about myself, I had forgotten if she still had the piercing in her belly. Initially, when we began dating, our bodies were worth exploring. But now, we just wanted to get done with foreplay and thrusts and all of that. We were living in but also losing out.

The same Poonam who used to enjoy lying with me naked and looking at my body, hardly paid attention when we made love. 

And then came a point when there was so much work to do that we became two professionals residing under one roof. I was scared that one day we might end up writing emails to each other about having dinner together. 

My cup of tea

But luckily, Corona happened. Of course, it was not so lucky because the danger was very much real but in a way it made us work from home as well as stay at home for the whole time. One morning, Poonam was sitting on the desk with my laptop and writing an email. 

I came near her and whispered in her ear. Would you like a cup of tea? Of course, she said. It had been months that we did something sweet for each other. When we had begun our romance, we had promised to give gifts and what not. But here we were trying to rekindle the sparks which would have otherwise been lost forever.

That day we addressed what was going inside our hearts and closely shared how we were feeling about physical closeness but emotional distance. I am sorry for being an ignorant workaholic. The moment I said this, my eyes went down and I became silent. 

She hugged me. It is okay, you’re not the only one at fault. I also was involved with things other than you. This conversation went on for a while and that night after dinner, we had sex which felt very much different and so much pleasurable. 

Perfect recipe for recharging 

Because of Corona, we stocked up on food, condoms, toiletries and everything that would make our indoor stay comfortable. All the time and attention we had, we gave it to our relationship. One day when I was typing, she came from the side and took my hand to put on her breasts

Such small erotic acts and a few orgasms throughout the day became the perfect recipe for recharging our boring relationship. I don’t know how other people are spending time under lockdown, but we sure are enjoying the taste of each other’s tongues and also the joy of each other's presence.

To protect the identity, the person in the picture is a model and names have been changed. 

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