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When Corona arranged our marriage!

When Kabir’s parents tried to arrange his match with Akansha, he had a mental block against arranged marriages. But things took a different turn when both of them started talking to each other during the lockdown. What happened next was a complete surprise! Kabir shares his story with Love Matters India!

My first kiss

When Rajat first tried to kiss Alisha, she immediately stopped him. After that incident, he never tried again. However, after a few months, it was Alisha who now yearned to touch and kiss him. Should she make a move or wait? She shared her story with Love Matters India’s writer Anoop.

My friend loved her, but I loved him

Karan loved his friend since his childhood days, so much so that he never realised when his friendship blossomed into love for him. But his friend fell in love with a girl. What did he do then? Read the story to find out.

'We used the time to revive our relationship'

While Arpan was typing, Poonam came and put his hand on her t-shirt. Their boring relationship was getting recharged in the time of Corona lockdown. Read more about their story of rekindling old sparks.

He made it so special for me!

Akshay and Deep loved each other very much but also fought a lot. Deep would never say sorry. Akshay started doubting if they were fit as a couple especially when Deep forgot his birthday. He shares his story with Love Matters India writer Khushboo.

My 'Half Girlfriend'

Sarthak tells Love Matters India his zara hatke story with Megha and how lack of any commitments is what makes their relationship really tick.

When my husband’s kadak chai saved the day!

Nishtha*, a working woman from Delhi, often finds herself being told off by her neighbours for ‘making’ her husband Vijay* do all the household chores. Only until they tasted the yummiest rajma chawal in town!

How one night with another man brought me close to my love

Harsha spent a night with Karan and it brought her closer to Udit. Read on to find out how a night of simple pleasures helped Harsha strengthen a faltering long-distance relationship.

We met on Facebook and fell in love…

Maya and her boyfriend met each other on Facebook two years ago. At first she wasn’t sure if a long-distance relationship would work out. Read how Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook helped them stay together!

'My bf is ten years older than me'

“My boyfriend is ten years older than me and I wish people could understand that we're not together because I have 'daddy issues'”. Naureen was 24 when she started dating S. Three years on, their relationship is still going strong.