He made it so special for me!

By Khushboo Monday, April 22, 2019 - 11:20
Akshay and Deep loved each other very much but also fought a lot. Deep would never say sorry. Akshay started doubting if they were fit as a couple especially when Deep forgot his birthday. He shares his story with Love Matters India writer Khushboo.

*Akshay, 26 works in an MNC and *Deep, 28  is a chef in a restaurant in Mumbai.

Not this time

It was my 26th birthday. Deep and I had an argument last night and he did not eat food. I left my plate untouched too. This had been quite common between us. Just like any other couple living together, we too fight, makeup and move on.

But I was the one who always said sorry first. I did not want to do it at that time. I wanted Deep to own up to his mistake. And it was my birthday!

Is this love?

As I went to the office, without waking him up (he works late evenings), I was wondering what’s wrong with us.

Should we break-up and move on? Or was it just a one-time thing? Didn’t Deep love me anymore?

I still remember the first time I met him at the swimming pool in our society. We went for our dips at the same time in the evenings.

We soon started talking and I learnt that he lived in the adjacent tower. We both had many hobbies in common. He asked me for a date and we clicked. After a few months, I asked him to move in. He did.

It’s been six months since he moved in and I wonder – do I love him? He didn't even bother to send me a happy birthday text.

A long evening

I kept thinking that he will do something special for me once I reach home. Instead, he called me to his restaurant to pick him up as his car was giving him trouble. I was upset that he didn’t even remember my birthday.

I reached his restaurant and it looked as if the place was shut. I stood at the door and tried calling him.

I could hear his phone ringing inside the restaurant. I pushed the door and it opened. I entered the restaurant and it lit up.

It was full of lights and purple balloons. I saw our pictures and posters in every corner. All my friends were there to wish me. I was looking for Deep but I couldn’t find him.

I am sorry

After some time, I saw Deep coming out from the kitchen in chef’s white. He had a huge cake in his hands and he was covered in chocolate.

He walked towards me and said sorry! Hearing the word sorry from his mouth was new.

I started laughing and asked what got him to say sorry.  

He said, ‘Because this time I wanted to be the first to say sorry. I realised every time you do. Moreover, I couldn’t bake the cake on time. Happy birthday!’

All that matters

At that moment, I just hugged and kissed him. All my doubts were gone.

All those fights didn't matter anymore. His realisation was the assurance I needed to continue. We had a gala time and it was the best ever birthday I could ever ask for.

*To protect the identity, names have been changed and the person/s in the picture is/are models.

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