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My first kiss - Where was the magic!

Rajat had never kissed a girl before and he really looked forward to an unforgettable experience. When he got a chance to experience his first kiss with Pragya, he was in for a surprise. Read his story to find out more.

Rajat, 23, is a software developer in Delhi. 

Hello stranger! 

It was a cold Saturday morning in Delhi. I braved the chill and went cycling. It is a physical activity which doesn’t need a team. And the shy and introverted me loves it! A girl came on her cycle almost next to me and said, ‘Good morning!’ I was surprised.   

I nodded and said hello because I didn't want to appear like a weirdo. We started chatting about cycling and went in the same direction. Being a shy person, it has always been hard for me to talk to new people, even when asking for directions. But, I was unusually comfortable with Pragya. She asked me where I lived and questions about how long I have been cycling etc. 

We planned to meet the next day at the same time -- 6 a.m. Our residential societies were nearby and we cycled on the empty roads for a week. Meanwhile, we exchanged numbers and started messaging each other too.

Then one day we went to a park in our locality, sat on the bench and talked. She put her hand on my lap. I didn’t know what to do. So I also put my hand on her lap. She came a little close and her face was right in front of me. Staring into her eyes, seeing her lips, face and nose close to mine —I was overcome by a desire to kiss her. I had dreamt of this moment for so long - my first ever kiss with a girl! 

Poems and magic 

To be on the safer side, I kissed her cheek. She giggled and kissed me back on the lips. I thought her lips would feel sweet. But they felt like, I must admit, lips. Not the sweetness I had dreamt or heard of in movies, songs or in the Mills and Boons novels. I could taste her sweat, a bit of her morning chai maybe, and even smell the sweat on her T-shirt. I wondered if that’s what I smelt like too? Must be! But I had never thought about the reality of real kisses. 

We kissed for some more time, until the sun came up and it was all lit up. We said goodbye to each other and while I was cycling back home, I could not believe that I finally had my first kiss! 

Was that it? Did I miss something? Where was the poetry and magic that I had read in novels or seen in the movies?  

Explore and learn 

Nevertheless, we were enjoying each other’s company. I wanted to explore this feeling more. So I asked her to come to my house the next weekend. When I first touched her breasts, they felt quite soft. She touched my chest and I got goosebumps. Her belly area below the navel had tiny hair just like mine, although much lesser. I learnt a lot of new things about her body and also about mine.

That day, to my surprise, Pragya told me that she knew it was my first time with women. I was puzzled. 'Because only first-time kissers suck their partner’s lips as if a baby was sucking on a toffee', she replied and we both laughed out loud!  We soon found ourselves making love. But that story is for another time!

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About the author: Arpit Chhikara loves to read, write, draw and take long walks while listening to podcasts. Besides writing on various themes related to SRHR, he also works in the alternative education domain. When not at home, you can find him living in lesser-known places in India. You can check him on Instagram.

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