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Is it wrong to date in a park?

Hi Aunty ji, my bf and I were sitting in the park just holding hands and the police harassed us. They threatened to call our parents. What should we do if this happens again? Tanya, 20, Lucknow.

I took out a condom and she cried!

Nisha told Anish that she would bear the pain of sex only with someone who would stay with her for a lifetime. Was Anish ready for the saat janmo ka bandhan? He shares his story with Love Matters India.

What Rahul did after his breakup with Tina

Rahul and Tina were together for six months but one day Tina told him she needed a break! Rahul was heartbroken. If heartbreak has left you feeling broken and in pain like Rahul, this article from Love Matters India is for you.

How Amit and Shreya prepared for sex

The thought of sex is exciting but can also be nerve racking. What if she doesn’t like my body? What If I get pregnant? What if I get HIV-AIDS? These and many such questions can run through our minds as we prepare for our first-time or even our zillionth-time sex. Love Matters brings you ways to deal with the most common concerns around sex.

I bled on our first time

It was Rohan and Mira’s first time. When they saw blood, he got concerned about Mira. However, it was not Mira who was bleeding. Rohan shares his story with Love Matters India.

When I bought my first condom

‘The staff had probably never had a woman ask for one’, Akriti tells Love Matters of her first time buying condoms at a store. The real problem though was explaining them about lubricants, she chuckles!

First time dekha usse love ho gaya - is that possible?

Do you want to know if the guy or girl you’ve just started dating is ‘the one’? Well, first time sex could reveal a lot, say researchers.

I wanted to make love but not his way

*Zubin and *Aastha got to know each other at an outstation photo shoot for work. They bonded over their similar taste in music and love for travel. But things went wrong when the two got cosy on a railway berth. Aastha shares her story with Love Matters India.

First-time-sex stories of women, do you have one?

No matter when you decide to take the plunge, your first-time sex can be a crazy experience. Twelve women shared how the experience was when the first time they had sex.

First time sex: The pleasure menu

Having sex for the first time is a big step, whether one has just met or they have been in a relationship for a long time. There are no hard and fast rules about having sex, but there are certain things both men and women should know to make their first experience enjoyable.

Beginner’s note on first time sex

First time sex is a memory that lasts a lifetime. Whether you are going to cherish or perish at the thought will depend on how you much thought you put into it. Here are a few tips to ensure that you and your partner don’t stop talking about it ever!

My first sex happened on Christmas but...

First time sex ought to be special, they say. For Tina, it happened when she was still at school, on a romantic Christmas night at a friend’s place. Yet all she remembers is regret and embarrassment. What went wrong?