how to use condoms

How to use condoms

Wondering how to use condoms? Here's a quick guide to putting on male and female condoms.

How to put on male condoms?

  1. Carefully tear open the package, starting from the serrated edge. The condom won't tear because it's flexible. But go gently, and don't use your teeth, or anything sharp, like scissors. Don't use the condom if the package is damaged or it's out of date.
  2. Check which way the condom unrolls. If it's the wrong way round it won't roll over the penis. If you accidentally start putting the condom on the wrong way round, throw it away and use a new one.
  3. Pinch the tip of the condom to keep the air out so there's room to collect the semen.
  4. Unroll the condom all the way to the base of the penis. 

Taking off a condom

  1. Take your penis out of the vagina before it gets soft.
  2. Hold the condom at the base as you pull out so that there is no semen spill.
  3. Wrap the condom in a tissue and throw it away in a garbage bin. If you prefer you can tie a knot at the base to stop the sperm coming out. Don't flush the condom down the toilet.

How to put on female condoms?

  1.  Squeeze the inner ring (the smaller one), making the sides touch.
  2.  Push the inner ring in as far as it will go. Leave the larger ring on the outside. 
  3. Guide your partner's penis into the outer ring.
  4. When you've finished, twist the condom three times, then pull it out.

How to remove female condoms? 

  1. After the male ejaculation in the peno-vaginal sex, where the female has used a condom -- keep lying down. Do not get up after the sexual intercourse has finished. Standing up can lead to leakage. 
  2. Now, get hold of the outer ring of the condom and hold it. Now, press and twist the ring to avoid the semen falling out and remove the condom from your vagina. 
  3. Dispose the condom in a dustbin. Do not flush. Wash your hands afterwards. 
  4. Never reuse the same condom. They are only meant for single use. 

Remember female condoms aren’t just for women. Female condoms can help male pleasure through a tickle when the penis rubs on the inner ring of the female condom.

A lubricated condom is also said to aid female orgasm. 


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