sub-dermal Implant

The pros and cons of sub-dermal Implant

A sub-dermal implant is a tiny rod containing a hormone, which is injected just under the skin on your arm.

A sub-dermal implant is a birth control method with a very low failure rate when correctly inserted by a professional health care provider. 

It can stay in place for three to five years. The implant gives off a steady supply of the hormone progestin, which prevents you from getting pregnant by thickening the cervical mucus and inhibiting ovulation.

What are the pros of Implants?

  • Highly effective when inserted correctly
  • No need to worry about birth control for three to five years
  • Fertility returns as soon as the implant is removed
  • Appropriate for women who can’t use birth control that contains estrogen
  • It may reduce heavy and painful periods 
  • Implants may provide protection from ectopic pregnancy, iron-deficiency anaemia, and symptomatic pelvic infection. 
  • Implants are suitable for women of any age, including young women (with or without children, married or unmarried). Because implants contain no estrogen, they can be used by women who cannot use estrogen (e.g. immediately after birth, breastfeeding women, smokers older than 35, women with high blood pressure, etc.). 

What are the cons of sub-dermal Implants?

The side effects include:

  • Spotting - quite common
  • Headaches
  • Breast pain
  • Acne
  • Ovarian cysts
  • The period may become  irregular, lighter, heavier or longer, or may stop
  • In rare cases, the implant can move, or a provider may  insert it too deep, making it more difficult to remove
  • Nausea, abdominal pain, dizziness, and mood changes. 

An implant doesn’t protect against STDs.

Implants are great for women after giving birth, smokers over the age of 35, and women with high blood pressure.

Do I need to visit a doctor?

Yes, you do.

You must see your doctor or healthcare provider to get an implant. They will ask you some questions and do a history screening before inserting the implant under the skin of your upper arm. It can stay in place for up to three years.

Inserting an Implant takes just a few minutes. It is painless since the procedure is done with local anaesthesia. The healthcare provider will tell you how to wash and take care of your skin for a couple of days after insertion and removal.

A healthcare provider will take your implant out of your arm whenever you want to stop using it. He/she will tell you how to wash and take care of your skin for a couple of days after removal. 

In case you can't feel the implant, the implant feels like it's changed shape, notice any changes to the skin or feel any pain at the site of the implant, visit your doctor for further analysis. 

For your birth control services, visit your nearest Marie Stopes Clinic. You can also visit a government hospital near you. 

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