Shot (Injectables)
Shot (Injectables)

What is a Shot (Injectables contraceptives)?

There are two types of birth control shots: the combined shot and the one-hormone shot.

Combined shot

This method is very similar to the combined birth control pills.

The combined shots is a birth control method with very low failure rate. It is an injection of two different hormones, oestrogen and progestin. You have to have this injection every month. It stops your ovaries releasing an egg, so you can’t get pregnant.  

One-hormone shot

The one-hormone shot is a birth control method with very low failure rate. The failure rates (4% in typical use  and 0.2% in perfect use). It is an injection of just one hormone, progestin. You only have this injection every three months. It works by making the mucus around your cervix thicker so the sperm can’t get through. It can also stop your ovaries producing an egg.

It’s often sold under the brand name Depo-Provera.

On the shot, your periods generally get lighter, some women even stop having periods altogether. Many women also have fewer period pains. There is the chance that the shot can help with preventing some cancers (endometrial and ovarian cancer).

This method is great for women with sickle cell disease.

Many women experience spotting and irregular periods during the first three months of being on injectables. There is also the risk of a possible increase in depression, anxiety, and other mood changes. Also, quite a few women gain weight while on the shot.

Another disadvantage is that you won’t be able to immediately get pregnant when you stop; it may take around ten months to get back to your normal fertility.

This is also a very private method. If you need to hide that you are on birth control, injectables are a great option.

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