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'He has changed my face...not my heart!'

By Roli Mahajan Tuesday, January 14, 2020 - 11:10
When a film opens with December 2012 (Delhi bus rape ) protests and slogans like ‘nyay do, phansi do’, we know we are not in for an easy watch.

It is a difficult subject. Magar hum LM-ers himmatwalle log hain! Hai ki nahi! 

We believe in checking out all kinds of films, and especially those that are used for coming out (pun intended!) and speaking about difficult issues. 

Chhapak is about a not-so-sexy-topic, that doesn’t get enough attention in our society. This film is about Malti (Deepika Padukone), a teenager, whose life changes after being attacked with acid in broad daylight on the streets of Delhi. It is about her struggles and long fight for justice. 

Inspired from the life of an acid attack survivor, Laxmi Agarwal, it reminds us of all women who have faced violence, abuse, hatred, jealousy for not having reciprocated offers of love from obsessed or jilted lovers. This is a movie for all the women with a strong message: Ab daro nahi, Lado

As Chhapak is directed by Meghna Gulzar, we expected thoda ‘arty’ flavour. And our expectations were met. The story is told with lots of flashbacks, yani aage-peeche, but humein toh interesting lagi

Chhapak mein shakal nahi seerat par nazar daali gayi hai. Now for that, an instant LM like! We are LOVE-ly people and we like (and promote) inner beauty !

In India, jobs and good partners are difficult to find. Dukhti rag, hai na?  And in a country like ours, where all the judgments (yes, even for jobs) are based on lamba, naata, gora, kaala, mota, patla, imagine the plight of a young girl with a face marred by acid? 

A super LM like for Malti when she responds to an employer on why she didn’t reveal that her face had been marred by acid with, ‘Acid attack ke liye koi category nahi hai’.  Categories and labels. We don’t like! 

The film takes us through Malti’s struggles. She had to find money for her surgeries, face personal tragedies and jhelo tareekh-par-tareekh attitude of the courts on her case asking for ban on acid. All the while carrying her scarred face bravely. 

Thankfully, kutch ache log hain iss duniya mein. Like Shiraaz aunty and the lawyer friend who kept giving Malti strength when she felt she couldn’t stand any more. Three cheers for sisterhood and women who come out to support other women!

And then enter Amol (Vikrant Massey), our hero with a kind heart, who runs an NGO to help acid attack survivors and a campaign to stop acid attacks. He brings smiles to Malti’s face! Chotti chotti cheezein humaari Malti ko khush karti hain and her character gifts you with many sweet and sensitive moments. Aap rone hi walle honge jab aapke chehre par ek muskurahat aa jaayegi and that is the magic that Chappak creates. It gives us hope of life beyond a deep tragedy. It gives us courage to to turn our lives around despite deep losses and to not give up the fight even if it seems super hard! 

For your strength Malti, we gift you with an LM salute. And all the people, who stand against this zaalim samaaj for you, deserve an LM bow. 

This film gave all of us a lot to think about. First, to all those young people in love. If someone doesn’t reciprocate, move on! These ideas of pyaar toh main le ke rahunga/gi, only destroys lives! Love can only be truly enjoyed when it is felt on both sides

Second, why oh why, do we add to people’s pain by always concentrating on looks! Our tongues are acidic enough when we put people in various boxes - too tall, too short, too fat, too thin, too dark, too fair - wait it’s never too fair, is it! Everyone has the same basic needs (roti, kapada and makaan!), so why can’t we help each other and be kind to everyone fir chahe woh koi bhi colour, height ya weight ke hain

Kuch hatt kar karne ke liye this film deserves an applause, so hum bhi kanjoosi nahi dikhayeinge: 4 hearts for you Chhapak. This film has an important message and story to tell, because acid attack victims deserve a voice. We hope aap bhi yeh awaaz sunane/dekhane ke liye jayenge!

In Love Matters Movie Reviews, movies are for analysed for how they have portrayed Love, Sex and Relationships. The movie that shows LM-style romance will get LM Hearts! And the film that loses sight of consent, judgment or rights, it will meet the LM Monster!

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