Street Dancer 3 D review
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Street Dancer 3 D- Full on dance, but low on romance!

By Roli Mahajan Tuesday, January 28, 2020 - 12:12
When a film opens with a 6-pack chest, we know that we are in for some sexy bodies. And we are NOT disappointed. Thumkas ki gallery mein aapka welcome hai ji!

We meet kattar dance rivals Sahej (Varun Dhawan), the captain of Street Dancers and Inayat (Shraddha Kapoor), the leader of Rule Breakers. They live in London and even though their families are from India and Pakistan, the jhagda is not that bad because  they are NRIs/NRPs and you know London mein toh sab bhai-bhai hain

Sahej wants to break Inayat’s akadd while Inayat wants to win and that takes us through the first one hour of the film. But what happens when both the gangs want to win a top-notch dance competition with big prize money? 

Here, I should say watch the film to know the full story. But I won’t. Because Remo Sir ka movie hai, so it is about dance and more dance. Story….eh, we can forget about that! But dance, that’s sexy and stimulating and Street Dancer adds a lot of extra ommph on that front. 

Oh and a side note for all the girls: Inayat ki Urdu might not be very impressive but her kajal styles made me green with envy. Boys, you are allowed to give an LM sigh and remember her eye colour because aap unki ankhon mein kho sakte hain

And for all the romeos out there, do learn some subtle tips that the film has in plenty: 

  • Compete with yourself and not others
  • Love might be colourblind but do know the colour of your girlfriend’s eyes ;)
  • Don’t obsess over a rival because the line between love/rivalry is very fine.

Single-liners par humein toh zyada hansi aayi nahi but the overall comedy is fun. The India-Pakistan cricket match with the song and dance fight sequences were hilarious. Ladai karo toh aise karo, with food and tehzeeb. For this concept alone you get one LM chumma, Remo Sir.

Street Dancer takes itself too seriously at times (tension le liya bhai) but its focus on kindness, feeding the homeless (people who can’t go home, back to their own countries) makes us go into the awww mode. 

And, the best part about this film is that it encourages you to dance while you can and enjoy and feel the music. Paisa wasool entertainment only if you are a fan of dance-based films, though don’t expect much romance

We give 3 LM hearts to the Street Dancer 3 D because we need lots of dance and kindness in our world and to show dance the way it does in a super sexy avtaar

For being a bit of a bore on the romance front, we send one LM monster to the film.  Such cool hero-heroine and then also such a thanda romance! Remo Sir thoda emotions seekhna padega

In Love Matters Movie Reviews, movies are for analysed for how they have portrayed Love, Sex and Relationships. The movie that shows LM-style romance will get LM Hearts! And the film that loses sight of consent, judgment or rights, it will meet the LM Monster!

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