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Her breasts are different sizes – should I worry?

By Auntyji Tuesday, September 25, 2012 - 18:28
My partner-to-be told me yesterday that her breasts are of different sizes – what should I do? I want to continue the relationship, and actually it doesn’t matter. But she said, ‘they are really different sizes’. Please help me. Hanif, Ghaziabad

Auntyji says... Dil khush kar diya Hanif beta! I am so proud of you for having asked this question. It is only natural to be concerned. But it takes a lot of maturity to look beyond all things shallow. I am glad you did not want to give up without even trying.


So the thing is that it’s common for women to have different sized breasts. Your girlfriend is certainly not the only one. In fact perfectly proportional ones are unusual. So much so that some women even have a cup-size difference in size. Yup, that makes lingerie shopping complicated.

OK, sorry for starting that mental image, but come back to earth now. You should be glad that she had the courage and honesty to raise her concerns with you. It couldn’t be easy for her. For that matter it could be affecting her self-image a great deal. And anything that affects one’s self-image automatically becomes a huge issue for them. So dip in to your charm bucket before discussing this topic with her.

Unique is good 

Hanif betaji you need to tell her is that it is very natural and there is nothing to be ashamed about. After all, men usually have different sized balls. Yes, do check yourself out in the mirror sometime. In fact it’s not possible to produce symmetrical sets of body parts at all times. Nature does not have a Barbie doll factory where everything can be identical and flawless.

I always say unique is good. If you have confidence in yourself then nothing can ever affect you. Also betaji in today’s day and age there is a solution for everything. Why stress over small things. Even if she is among the minority with a huge difference (even several cup sizes), although it is expensive, cosmetic surgery is always an option.

Huge range

But before any drastic steps, drink loads of Rooh Afza and think hard. In fact the two of you should check out and Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies website which has a gallery showing the huge range of different kinds of normal breasts, including ones of uneven sizes.For all you know her size difference could be very normal. But because she has never opened up about it to anyone she is convinced that it is huge. It must have started for her a very young age and never stopped.

Once she realizes that it is not a big deal she will be able to overcome her inner fears. And you, my boy, would have helped her do that.I am sure they don’t come in way of pleasure or any other use of breasts that you kids can think of. So just sit down and chill. Or rather lie down and… You get Auntyji’s point, I’m sure.

To protect the identity, the person in the picture is a model and names have been changed. 

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