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The G-spot for Boys - Frenulum of the Penis

By Saumya Wednesday, April 10, 2024 - 17:19
You may have often heard that there is a spot in a girl's vagina (G-spot/clitoris) that, when touched or stroked, leads to quick orgasm/pleasure. But did you know that there is something similar in boys too? It's called the frenulum! In this article, we will give you all the information related to the frenulum. So let's find out!

What is the frenulum?

The frenulum is a band attached to the penis that connects the penis to the glans penis. In simple language, the penis, whose size increases during arousal, and the tip from which sperm is released. Imagine there is a small rubber band stretched at the bottom of a banana. The frenulum is like that rubber band that connects the skin (foreskin) to the head of the banana (glans).

The frenulum connects both these ends. It can sometimes pull the head of your penis down, but yes, the frenulum can sometimes tear, causing a lot of pain. You can see its anatomy here. The frenulum is also called the 'banjo string.'

Is the frenulum the G-spot for men?

The frenulum is very sensitive. This means that even a light touch can cause a sensation in it, so it can help increase arousal during sex. However, if it is too small, it can also cause pain with an erection. According to Healthline, stimulating the frenulum can make sex fun and help men reach orgasm or start good, healthy sex. Touching the frenulum with the tongue or thumb during sex can give good results to the partner. Therefore, it can be called the G-spot for men. Although the frenulum does not play any role in reproduction, it acts like a masterstroke in making sex better.

Helps in erection

Many people have the problem that their penis does not erect, so the frenulum plays a vital role in keeping the penis erect. A study conducted on 12 people shows that people who had the problem of premature ejaculation or had a short frenulum had difficulty in having sex. In the study, surgery was used to lengthen the short frenulum and fix the broken frenulum, after which those people did not have any problem having sex, which shows that the frenulum helps in sex because it helps in generating tension in the penis.

Is the frenulum often overlooked during sex?

If we see, the frenulum is not always a cause for concern. When it comes to sex, it is probably the most sensitive and often overlooked part of the penis. Since it is very reactive to light touch, it can make those people feel good and take a little longer to reach orgasm. However, if you have never included the stimulation of the frenulum in your sex life before, it is important to start slowly.

Does the size of the frenulum say something?

Yes, research shows that when the size of the frenulum becomes small, it is called frenulum breve. This causes the problem for boys that the skin of their penis does not fold back properly, and there is pain during sex. If we see, the frenulum should be long enough so that the skin of the penis can easily retract. We have written an article on this topic, which you can read here.

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