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The day I wore a saree

Sexual Diversity
*Anshuman wanted to follow his heart when deciding what to wear for his college farewell. He shares that bitter-sweet memory with Love Matters India.

Who are the hijras?

Sexual Diversity
The word ‘hijra’ is specific to the South Asian region. It can either refer to an individual or the community. Let’s try and understand this term better.

Sexual hygiene and health tips for gay men

Making Love
Although anyone can practice anal and/or oral sex, for a lot of gay and bisexual men, that is predominantly the style. When done right, anal sex can be extremely pleasurable but at times it can be extremely messy too. Love Matters India suggests some tips on keeping the genitals and anus clean.

Gender transition: Top facts on hormone replacement therapy

Sexual Diversity
Our hormones play a huge role in how we feel physically, emotionally and sexually. But this can be quite complex for transgender people due to the mismatch between how the body acts and how the brain feels. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) could help but must be first thoroughly understood. Love Matters brings you the top facts.