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Quiz: Are you good in bed?

By David Joshua Jennings Saturday, February 28, 2015 - 05:30
Curious to know how you rate in bed? Take the Love Matter’s quiz to see how you measure up.

Foreplay is on the menu

If foreplay is an essential ingredient in your sex life, chances are you’ve got a partner who’s satisfied. Those who don’t take the time to warm up are missing out. If true, add 1.

Afterplay is important

Lovemaking doesn’t end with the orgasm. Being a good lover means you extend care and attention to your partner after the main action has ended. If you think so, add 1.

I like getting straight to the action

Speed may be impressive on a race track, but it’s disappointing in bed. Those who make time for sex make better lovers. If true, subtract 1.

I like using every part of my body

Good lovers know the genitals aren’t the body’s only erogenous zones. If you aren’t afraid, use your hands, fingers, lips, tongues, ass, nipples and other parts of your body. If true, add 1.

I like to make my partner feel sexy 

Love is lame if you don’t feel sexy while doing it. Making your partner feel comfortable and attractive not only makes them feel better, it also excites them, making them wilder and freer in bed. If true for you, add 1.

I think communication is important

Communication is a two-way street. It's key to tell your lover what you desire sexually. Being open about what you like and dislike, and listening to your partner’s likes and dislikes, as well as each other’s fantasies, are fast and easy ways to improve your sex life immediately. If so, add 1.

I have trouble being supportive

Lovers should feel comfortable talking about things they might want to try in bed. Revealing fantasies can make your partner feel exposed and highly vulnerable. Making them feel bad about it will not only kill the mood, but also harm their trust in you. Even if their fantasy isn’t your thing, don’t make them feel uncomfortable about revealing. If that’s true, subtract 1.

I enjoy giving as much as I enjoy receiving

If sex is all about you, then you’re a bad lover, period. A genuine enjoyment of giving pleasure to another, however, is a sure sign your lover will be coming back for more. True? Give yourself 1 point and a pat on the back.

I’m confident 

When it comes to sex, confidence is a major turn-on. If that’s a yes, add 1.

I don’t like feeling vulnerable

Sex opens us up and makes us vulnerable. Not only are our bodies exposed, but so are our souls and hidden desires. If you are afraid of becoming vulnerable, it may be because you are afraid of losing power and control. It may take time and plenty of love, but those who surrender themselves make the best lovers. If yes, subtract 1.

I reciprocate

If your orgasm is your only goal, then you’re a lousy lover. Sex is about giving as much as it is about receiving. Always be sure to return the favour. If this is true for you, add 1.

Sex toys seem a bit threatening 

Toys enhance the sexual experience for some. You don’t need to feel threatened by them. So your partner likes a little extra stimulation from a vibrator… That is nothing compared to what you can do. If yes, subtract 1.

I make sure my partner feels comfortable about their body 

If your partner doesn’t feel comfortable about their body, they’re not going to feel comfortable with you seeing or touching it. Not only will you get less sex, but it won’t be nearly as good. Compliments can go a long way, but a single insult can make someone feel self-conscious for a lifetime. If you do this, add 1.

I understand the word “No”

Sex isn’t everything, and you shouldn’t pressure your partner into sex if they don’t want it at that moment. Coercion, whether it’s physical or mental, is degrading and harmful to your relationship. Respect your partner. Add 1 if you do, subtract 1 if you don’t.

I know my lover’s body well

Everyone is different regarding what they like and dislike during sex, and what drove some ex-partner wild may leave your current partner feeling withdrawn, and vice versa. Communicate, get to know what your partner likes. If you do, add 1.

I often skip the romance

Making love isn’t just about erogenous zones and penetration. The best sex will often be the climax of a full evening of romance. If you skip out on time spent outside the bedroom, chances are your lovemaking will suffer because of it. If you do, subtract 1.

I get my ideas about good sex from porn

Porn can be arousing and teach you new techniques, but don’t let it define what sex should be. You shouldn’t worry if your breasts aren’t attractive enough or your penis isn’t big enough based on images you got from porn. Good sex is about what's happening in your own bedroom, not by some pornographic fantasy. If that’s the case, subtract 1 point.

I am often distracted during sex

A sign of good sex is being totally engrossed in the moment. Leave your phone off and your worries out of mind. The bed is no place for outside interruptions. True? Subtract 1.

I like to be playful

Sex is not only love, it’s recreation – a time to enjoy each other’s bodies and have fun. If you want to be good in bed, be playful! If yes, add 1.

12 = Stellar, you’ve got it all worked out.
8-11 = Good, keep up the loving!
3-7 = There’s room for improvement.
3 or below = You gotta work hard.

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